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Monday, 11 June 2018

Saving, Lending and Investing (7)

Read? Saving, Lending and Investing (6)


Keep reading buying bond is investing in the investment blogopshere and even saw this by invest editor.

Uncle8888 is odd blogger making fuss over classification of investing and lending.

He doesn't mind lending his money when the charging rate is closer to credit card late payment charging rate and better will be Ah Long's rate. :-)


  1. Hmm .. psychologically some may feel better when it is investing. Many of us will avoid lending money and even to our closest relatives

  2. Haha Uncle8888

    Depends how secured is the collateral :)

    This one the collateral looks ok if economy remains good.

    But if there's a severe recession in the first 3 years, then things may look a bit scary.

    They are pricing in that any recession will only occur after the first 2 years, allowing cash buffers to be easily build up in the first 2 years to cover the capital of most of the A-1 bondholders (it should cover all the retail A-1 holders).

    They are following the consensus by analysts that next recession will only start in early 2020 ... don't forget stock markets usually predict 6 months in advance.

    To me, since there's good chance of recession within the next 5 years ... so instead of locking up my capital in this ... I rather keep my powder dry. Even a mild bear market will give better opportunities than this thing.

    1. Investors will outperform lenders when market corrects or crashes.


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