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Friday, 8 June 2018

Investors's Mistakes And What We Can Learn From Them

Read? 5 Great Investors' Worst Mistakes (And What They Teach Us)

Read? Here Are Some of the Most Epic Mistakes by Famous Investors: Michael Batnick

What we can learn from these investors' mistakes?

Position sizing, stop losses or cut losses, don't risk more than 10% of your capital on any single stock and not more than 20 or 30% on any sector; do your homework before investing, etc

Investing lessons are learnt from mistakes!

How come we seldom come across investment  articles about "mistakes" of selling way too early and missing multi bagger yield on investment cost and multi baggers capital gains?

Hmm ... taking profits off the table is never wrong. 

Where got mistakes? 

No lesson learnt from selling way too early and missing those big fat gains? 

So it is like that?


  1. CW,

    Those investment mistakes we hear are those where we have capitulated and taken the loss. We have closure and moved on.

    You don't hear about "mistakes" in selling too early for the same reason we don't hear about HUGE paper losses we are still hanging on to ;)

    Don't ask; don't tell.


  2. "mistakes" of selling way too early and missing multi bagger yield on investment cost and multi baggers capital gains?"


    i think no exceptions as everyone in the market has been doing it as no one can really tell the "future"

    Only who is doing it lesser, prosper more.

    Have been doing it for many years already.

    If not i (we) will be very rich in no time.

  3. Lesson learnt *hands up*
    Does uncle8888 have a post on 'how to not sell too early'?

    1. Those starfishes lim kopi all heard from the Horse and taking home illustrated diagrams.

      Sunday, 29 August 2010
      Read? What did I share with a guy called Noobz on our first meeting?


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