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Friday, 22 June 2018

There were times that I wish I did not invest

Read? There were times that I wish I did not invest

My Singapore equity consisting of mainly blue chip stocks of the STI component stocks declined over the past weeks. As a whole, it declined 23.6% from my costs of purchases. Some stocks were bought as far back as in 2008.

I am of the opinion that to pick stocks for investments is harder with the volatility of stock markets. After buying them, I see them declining later.

Holding cash seems to be an option for now. If inflation is benign, then cash will not be eroded due to inflation. Sometimes one wonders whether it is far better to spend money than to invest and then see one’s investments losing values. That is the stage I am at. I have no confidence in investing right now.

In personal investment blogosphere; we need more hobbyist bloggers like him without any vested commercial interests.

Personal investing with our hard earned saving is tougher than we think after surfacing the cyber world coming across on daily tons of vested interests articles telling investing and trading is simple and easy. You just require their proven methods either FA, TA or FATA or HA


  1. Stocks bought from 2008/2009 should be in the money.

    Yet over-all current portfolio losing 23.6 %, Wow!

    We are actually still in the "BULL MARKET".

    It is said the DOW only given back what it gained in 2018.

    2017 was also "very good" for the Market.

    Buy more to average down now?

    For me not yet lah.

    Even if the trade war really comes into play from JUL 6, still have to watch on the sidelines for sometimes.

    Market timing, anyone?

    As for inflation, mah?

    We tend to forget about those double digits inflation years.

    Those days my late MOM taught me a practical lesson that money in FD was better than money in stocks (not that she knows how to invest at all) for the short to longer terms.
    When inflation becomes benign again, U will then reap the fruits for not losing money in stocks.

  2. i missed buying even a bit in 2016 because i am old already (not much balls left thinking of 2008/2009 or too greedy thinking the same).

    Yet in 2017, i have bought quite a lot on some IPOs(It's Probably Overpriced,stupid).

    i even arbitraged IPO when i heard the BREXIT news which if i didn't, i would have made a lot of money.

    i lost a little money but learned a lesson why arbitraged on the IPO(bought even more for arbitraged)i bought which i believed till today, it is a good stock to hold for the future.

    i say again, "Market Timing" anyone?

    Check what WB said and what he did on "Market Timing".

    U will think he is contradicting himself, most of the times.

  3. Sorry, i bought IPOs in 2016/2017, (lazy to confirm).

  4. Quote from Temperament: "Stocks bought from 2008/2009 should be in the money."

    Maybe starhub, sph, SembCorp, sia, capitaland, golden agri? Depends which month of 2008 too :P
    Think his overall portfolio still make money lah ... only his individual SG stocks portion disappointed.

    Ya these few weeks will be rather exciting. LOL

    I think Trump still doing his art of the deal thingy. Will have to watch the show in July / August to see the outcome.

    Still got 25% of my portfolio in cash ... must control my itchy fingers ... especially for tech stocks & consumer discretionary. Grrr!!


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