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Friday, 29 June 2018

Invest CPFIS & SRS For Our Retirement

How often you hear about negative investment return?

Investing is not so easy even investing in CPFIS approved stocks.

STI is still above 3,000 and not even in bear market yet.


  1. Keep calm & invest on ;)

    1. Should have at least 6 months' worth of emergency funds stashed away.
    2. And for those unemployed, at least another 2-3 years' worth in cash, S'pore govt bonds & money market funds.
    3. Correct type & amount of insurance no need to say :)

    1. For SRS, may need to wait for next year to top up to continue investing.

  2. For me, i don't have SRS.

    Maybe earn not enough to qualify.

    i always think using OA for CPFIS is always used as the last resort because of guaranteed 2.5% interest.

    Having said that, still trying to sell some CPFIS stock since IPOed time from 20016/17.

  3. And i try to remember buying the bluest chip at the "wrong price" will not make money one.

  4. And also even this mighty one has fallen.

    1. One day great company may be run by lousy Management


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