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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Learn The Greatest Kept Secret In Investing By Walter Schloss???

Read? Why We Invest The Way We Do?

Time for Bei Kambing to wake up!

Paying for subscription to read stock analysis to make buying and selling decision???


  1. Yah !! surprise to know that some investors are paying more than $1k annual fees just to have a peep on someone's portfolio and their "buy and sell " decision ....无语 !!

  2. Investment newsletter business is big business in US. Some of them are very good (and very expensive) but most are crap or "primary school level". Mark Hulbert created a business to analyse the performance of these newsletters i.e. he had to subscribe to all of them. But for many years he kena verbally attacked & criticized by many of those newsletter producers that got lousy ratings. Hulbert no longer does the newsletter analysis business but he still writes commentaries once a blue moon.

    Investment newsletter biz works a bit similar to investment course/training biz. You collect 100% of the fees without having to risk your own money in stocks or other investments. In a big market like US, even if not very good stock picker, can continue to con many different groups of bei kambings with so-called "low" subscription fees.

    And once you got a good track record (a lot due to luck of being in the right cycle at the right time), can start charging yearly subscription of thousands or even tens of thousands.

    In recent years people trying to create this biz in Singapore!


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