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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Uncle Chua's School of Long-term Investing??? (2) Refresh

Read? Uncle Chua's School of Long-term Investing??? (2)

We have been reading on super huat retail investors in USA like Agnes Plumb, Margaret Dickson, Paul Navone, Ronald Read and Anne Scheiber.

How about Singapore's super huat retail investor?

Uncle Chua. 

Do you happen to know any other retail investors in Singapore who also super huat in their stock portfolio?


  1. Seems like all of them just buy & hold over decades. Never sell ... or maybe just small amounts.

    So must be willing to sit through -50%, -60% declines?

    Another thing is that they mostly bought large dividend-paying blue chips & spread over a variety of companies to avoid company-specific risk.

    Some of the US investors lucky in having very concentrated holdings & the 1 or 2 blue chips did very well over the years. Risky approach though.

    I'm sure many investors also buy & hold for many decades ... but unfortunately in the wrong companies & portfolio kena decimated... But the media not interested in highlighting them.

    1. My late FIL held quite a number of losing stocks to his grave e.g. IPC, Liang Huat

    2. B&H&S--- B&H&S-----it means REPEAT&RINSE if U can for the life cycle of your life.... base on any styles U adopted.

      Of course i have a few stocks that never do any good since i bought from 20 even to 30 years ago.

      They never kaput either.

      One of them is Koh Brothers.

      Still holding since IPO time, believe me or not.

      Ha! Ha!

      In my opinion very good at Financial Engineering.

      Now i own Koh Echo and some FOC lousy Koh's related warrants.

      It is real, U can hold a company for 20 to 30 years to your call it a day, and U still don't make any money?

      The strange thing to me is why this type of company still exist if can't make money?


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