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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Running Faster Than The Bull And Over Run The Bull Years Ahead And Now Playing Catch Up With The Bear!

Read? Running Faster Than The Bear In The Stock Market

Hmm ...

Look like  Uncle8888 is running a different race!

Over run the Bull years ahead!

Playing catch up with the Bear

This Broker's report!

1 comment:

  1. Haha Uncle8888,

    Look at it this way ... you no longer have to race ... just need to relax & stroll & enjoy the scenery! :)

    Unlike those trying to FIRE asap ... they got timeline to meet! Kekekek!

    Those sprinting like crazy ... they will gain experience & learn where and when to slow down or speed up ... e.g. tight turning corners, rocky paths, narrow tracks with loose sand.

    Many will run off cliffs or into monsoon drains. Or sprained ankles or skinned knees from falls & tumbles.

    And sometimes even sprinting like hell also not much progress ... like running on wet sand along the beach.

    You just need to stroll along ... and once a blue moon, you come across a traffic-free open highway with an abandoned car for you to zoom away! Hohoho!!


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