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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Day 2 : Lake Kawaguchiko and Viewing Mt. Fuji

Read? Day 1 : Tokyo

We decided to go to Lake Kawaguchiko and skip going to Kawaguchiko 5th Station.

We took Keio express bus from Shinjuku in Tokyo to Kawaguchiko.

Something to take note if you are going to Mt. Fuji via express bus service.

You can reserve a seat for free at Keio express bus. You will still need to pay for your ticket at the station (cash only).

Hmm... may be due to this; the express bus was fully booked for our planned time slots between 9:00 to 10:30 AM. But; we still traveled to Shinjuku Express bus terminal to check it out.

We were told by ticket counter that it was all fully booked till 4 PM and would have small chance of getting No Show cancelled tickets and advised to leave.

But; we ignored counter's advice and stayed for one hour to try our chance. One MISTAKE we made! We didn't immediately went back to join the same Queue Line to queue for No Show queue number.

There is two process in the same queue - (1) buying express bus ticket to Kawaguchiko and (2) getting No Show queue number.

By the time; we realized it there were another two groups in front of us when we joined back the queue i.e. 5 seats would be taken in front of us.

We managed to get No Show bus tickets including the front two groups of five persons in the same bus.

Still wondering why like that?

You can reserve a seat for free at Keio express bus. You will still need to pay for your ticket at the station (cash only).

Lake Kawaguchiko

At Kawaguchiko station; we immediately proceeded to buy express bus ticket back to Shinjuku; but it was all fully booked and time slots in the late evening were still available to Tokyo station.

Viewing Mt. Fuji

Mount Kachi Kachi Ropeway is conveniently located just 13 minutes from Kawaguchiko Station. You will be able to access the top of the mountain, also known as the Tenjoyama Park, via a 3 minute long ropeway ride.

Expected log queue to board the cable bus as it is!

Someone should join the queue first while another proceeded to buy tickets at the ticket vending machine.

Next to Ice Cave

Why we must wear helmut?

Along the path; we have to squad down low to slowly cross the narrow tunnel!

To prove that the Ice Cave is natural freezer; block of ice are placed in the cave to prove it!

 Wind Cave

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