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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Why Misers Still Give Away Their Money???

Read? Life is More than Compounding Money

Why misers still give away their money?

Hmm .. Why arh?

When we don't spend our money on ourselves or our loved ones before we die; someone else at somewhere will be there to happily spend on our behalf as our money cannot disappear by itself.

While Anne Scheiber gave $22 million away, she might have led a more fulfilled life by actually spending some of it on herself and others during her lifetime.    

Would you rather have $22 million at your death and have frugality be your God or would you rather enjoy your life, cultivate relationships while being generous in the present and have $5 million in the end? I’d rather have the latter.    

The sin of obsessive frugality is just as bad as the sin of greed. Both are sins of selfishness.    

Life is More than Compounding Money.  


  1. Frugality can be seen as selfishness too - sad but it's true.

    But how many people/millionaires can see or realize it?

    Frugality on yourself but generous on others, is it O. K.?

    Even if U have plenty?

    1. Uncle temperament

      I think prudent on ourself but generous to parent is better.

    2. Squeeze on ownself but MORE generous to loved ones is OK!

      We have seen many poor parents still spending on their children

  2. No it is better to as many people and situations as your heart allows U.

    One real experience:-

    My wife and i were staying in a 4 to 5 stars hotel in Shen Chen before it is fully develop as now.

    We were returning to the hotel in the evening but was approached by a young couple with a baby in the woman's arm, asking for milk money.

    i decided to give them some money but letting the couple know that just don't take me as a fool- but just a generous fool is O. K.

    Ha. Ha.

    Is it really O. K.?

    i was chastised by the tour guide for encouraging young scammers.

    What if it is really a genuine case of desperation?


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