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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Temasek-linked firms lift dividends 40% to record S$9.3 billion

DBS accounts for almost half of total payout, Singtel S$2.8b and the rest S$2.2b


Uncle8888 sold way too early for Singtel, SATS and STE.

Cut losses for DBS during GFC! Hindsight still pain; but good investing lesson forward on how to mitigate emotional pain on psychology of money by exercising strict and tight money management and positioning sizing!

Losing smaller and losing bigger! Hell of difference in tahan!


  1. Aiya Uncle8888, you should be getting fat dividends from Keppel & Sembcorp lah :)
    Plus u still got quite a bit of DBS left?

    Cut loss, yes ... but must also know when to buy back in mah...

    For individual blue chips, I try to have -15% or -20% trailing stops.

    Singtel price like 5.5 yrs ago; Comfortdelgro is like 4 yrs ago ... Like you said, even panadols also not enough.
    SMRT taken private in 2016 at 27% below its highest in 2010.

  2. What if have sold almost everything?

    The pluses balance the minuses?

    i don't know.

    Only know not much time for OLD MAN like me to play around.

  3. Some stocks seem to look attractive again.

    But wait, isn't the US trade war with China really kicks in on July 6?

    The real effects have not really reflected/affected in the economy yet.

    That's the current market news?

  4. Ya i know.

    U will say market always reacted 3 to 6 months ahead of the real future economy.

    But what is the 'REAL Future Economy?


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