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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (7)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (6)

Real Person . Real Story and should be reading this blog post too.

Buddha also has fire!

Fisherman runs out of patience!

Once we have lost our hard earned money in the stock market; there is nothing much we can do about it. When we cut our losses too late;  whatever we can recover will be quite little. With that little recovered capital; we can't recover from such large losses. No. We can't!

So we put in more capital and then what happen?

Even larger losses may be expected if we never put in significant time and effort to sharpen our investing knowledge and skills?

You can only help yourself


You can choose to pay $X,XXX to polish your investing "skills" by attending "Gurus" guided courses to prove that "Gurus" are right!

We have to know ourselves. If we cannot stand heat personally so we better stay out of the kitchen even we want to cook nice meals for the family.

Uncle8888 also suffered large losses but never give up. He keeps learning. He also came to the stock market at the wrong market timing in Jan 2000. See closely! See for yourself. But; he never lose confidence but keep learning! That is the way he has chosen for himself. Nobody force him to invest!

Now, who are telling you that you need to invest?

Investment bloggers, financial advisers and "Gurus" conducting investment courses?

They are just Barbers!

Barbers will be telling guys to keep their hair neat and shorter to look smarter!

Barber : Guys; you need a hair cut to look smarter!

It is true that inflation is killing you softly year on year till we die; but the emotional heartache, pain in the mind, and depression of seeing our hard earned money lost in the stock market may shorten our life faster without us knowing it.

We have to know ourselves. If we cannot stand heat personally we better stay out of the kitchen even we like to cook nice meals ourselves for the family.

You still want to listen to your barber that it is great time to get a hair cut but you look wonderful with longer hair and what if you have little hair on your head and still need hair cut every month?

Personally; Uncle8888 has agreed with those super savers that they don't want to invest and don't put themselves into emotional roller-coastal over market cycles. A peaceful mind without worrying about market is also priceless as compared to compounding gains for more wealth. Potentially more money not means more peaceful mind.

He also fully understand why those who have chopped their fingers continue to be super savers to fight inflation. Year on year inflation is killing us softly but not large investment losses. When we cannot take the great pain of losses. Stay away from the stock market!

Strange. These words coming out from the investment blogger -the barber saying that you looking really nice. You don't need a haircut!


  1. Yes agree.

    People who can't stomach a 50% loss should not be in the market as quoted by WB, IIRC.


    Simply in the market for the long run you will be caught at least 30 to 40 loss or even 50 % loss.

    i have had been there for more than one time, believe me or not.

    The worse one for me was 2008/9 fiasco.

    My portfolio was downed almost 50% lol.

    Another words, if you are always in the market, you will definitely be caught.

    Don't believe?

    Try to be in the market for the long term lol.

    So you have to think of this scenario before you really invest/trade for the long term.

  2. i think you want to say,
    "Once we have lost our hard earned money in the stock market; there is nothing much we can do about it."


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