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Friday, 23 September 2016

When WILL Someone Become So SERIOUSLY Interested In His or Her Own Personal Finance??? (2)

Read? When WILL Someone Become So SERIOUSLY Interested In His or Her Own Personal Finance???

Just after reading one book: Rich Dad. Poor Dad and a Mind Flip.

After 16 years, Uncle8888 has acquired the full courage and confidence to divert his journey as salaried employee earning nice and comfortable income and unlike many of his seniors taking the common path to the forced end-point at the will of their employer.

Looking back after 16 years, it is Amazing!

Many have read this book; but how many have their mind flip and they became so determined to get out of rat race and will learn whatever to take them there.

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  1. I became seriously interested in personal finance after seeing my idealistic university course mates/millennial colleagues who come from rich families use their parents' hard-earned money to rectify poor decision-making in their lives (e.g. fail a university module? Nevermind, can retake module since father/mother rich. Graduate already but grades not good enough to secure a job? Work for free/volunteer lor, since got income support from parents).

  2. It's very true if you have the means(money), you don't have to live like what society considered normal living. Which is lives like a rat like everyone lol.
    In fact when i was young, i just dream i can live like that.
    Live to eat rather eat to live.
    Live to enjoy what you like to do most lol.

    1. i agree with their parents if they can afford it why not?
      That's where the rich is different from us.

    2. Yup. Children of rich parents could afford second (or maybe even more) chances in life. I adapted by improving my career competency, saving more, building a larger emergency fund, and investing. As my field is small and there is an increasing supply of graduates, rich kids would do not need the money, but want the job experience could pull off such a feat by working for free. For my less well-off course mates, it might be harder adapting.....oh well, that's life.


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