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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached! (7)

Read? Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached! (6)

Some of us may think that this is a damn silly Game!

But, Uncle8888 would like to share this public FB posting in Pokémon Go Singapore by Bryen Yap
The hunt was over long ago.
met a lot of friendly people around.
got some stories of people i have met. I would like to share with everyone.

1st story:

it was the 1st few days of pokemon. I was riding on my bike around my estate. So there was this pokestop. Where i met this old man in wheelchair with his maid. He was putting lure at the stop for the nearby kids to play. He saw me and said that he was on wheels too. 

 We were chatting when i saw some of the kids playing..... They were so happy when they caught a slowpoke. I was like.... wat?? i already caught maybe 30 slowpoke t that day. Then i realize that, 4 of them were sharing 1 phone to play. So it was like.... the slowpoke of the Day!.. they take turns to wait and catch. But they were very happy. there are also a few more kids around, .. But as there was only 1 stop, their pokeballs ran out quite fast. So i took turns to take their phones , coz i cycle around to pick up those pokestops. At 1 of the stops. There was this ah beng. Typical Ah Beng. sitting there smoking with techo music from his e-scootor. I went around like 20 times.... so i guess he thought i was chashing a rare pokemon. So he followed me to that stop and saw that there was no rare But he just sat there and play anyway with the kids. it was getting late so the old man, told the kids time to go home. I also need to go work. Anyway, we told the kids to come down tomorrow . So the next day, i fit in another 2 handphone holders on my bike and 5 battery packs down to the pokestop. So i can take a few more phones to run the pokestops. When i reach there, the old man and the maid were there... they even bring drink and some cakes and i also saw the ah beng..... and guess what he got 3 friends with him .... all in e-scooters. I figure out that he realize what i was doing. So he decided to help, he got 3 of his friends and not only they can help to get to the other pokestops. They ride the Kids to the stops. You can see the delight on the kids' faces. because they never had to chance to even ride on one. The ah bengs, even tell each other not to ride too fast..... and even tell each other not to scold vulgar hokkien coz got kids around. We didnt talk by just a nod of the head and smile.

2nd story

It was during 1 of walks at MBS. When there was a rush. KABUTOPS. was spotted... there was a crazy rush to the art science centre. I also was in the mist of the people. When they was a shout by someone. There was a young girl. face 1st on the ground and crying, but everyone ignore her and some asshole even kick her. When this malay kaki shouted at the guy.The guy just stare and walk off. The kaki carry the girl up and to the sitting area, he dusted her knees and they were bleeding.... guess that the parents wanted kabutops more than their daughter. Then the kaki's wife and daughter came. 

There are too many people and simply the girl can't see her parents. So the Ah bang, stood up on the sitting area and carried the girl on his shoulder to let her get a better view...
Finally after a while, the mother spotted her daugher and came running in. The little girl was crying when the mother hug her..... the father came and thank the malay buddy. End up, they wasn't catching kabutops. But were having dinner. The little girl was playing around.So when the crowd rush, she somehow got caught in the mist and got push off away.
After that, i walk off to the other stops.... when i came back to art science centre later...
they were still there...
Guys talking about soccer and man u .
wives talking
little girls running around...
Singapore multi racial harmony at it's best.


 I was riding to MBS on my bicycle. Took a longer route around gardens by the bay, to catch some Jynx.

 When i saw a man pushing a wheel chair boy. I don't know how to explain. But the boy is like wheel chair bounded and can only move a few fingers . very poor thing. When i look at him, he was like very shy or fearful. So i smile at him and his dad, just casual ask what he was catching. The father said, catch snake, which i guess it was ekans. 

 But when i look at the i pad... it looks weird, coz it dont seems the boy is playing. because the dad was holding onto the i pad, the kid can only use 1 finger to touch the screen and you can see his hands are not steady.

 So i turn and saw this younger boy holding onto a phone . Then i realize, The i Pad, is just a mirror of the phone , the young boy is catching the pokemon, but mirror it to the i pad, to make it as if the wheel chair boy is catching it..

 woah, it immediately hit me that this should be the younger brother. To make the sick older brother happy, he somehow made it as if he was catching it.. who would even do that...
 then just than some people were shouting pikachu... pikachu in front and running .

 The wheel chair boy was like.... piiiii....ka ka ka ka ......ccccuuu..
i look at the young boy face, and ask him to pass me his phone... i ride down like crazy....... capture the pikachu, and ride back asap... hope that there is no time out..
the boy quick took the phone.... and CAPTURE the pikachu... the older brother was so happy , he almost jump out of his wheel chair..

The maid and father had to hold him down..

 i can see a lady sitting at 1 corner , leaning againest the wall , sleeping.. i guess it should be the tired mother looking after him...
i was there for more than an hour, riding around, capture wat in sight and come back...

 Before they had to go off, they had to change his tubes or something... the mom seems ok after that short nap.
i somehow wanted to talk to the small boy, so i told him that he has to help to take care of the older brother....

 he nod his head... and says that he only has 1 older brother.
it kind of hit me.... but glad that he knows what to do....
a lot of things can be bought , but brotherhood and kinships can only be taught.


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