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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk! - Pontian Round 3

Read? Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk! - Pontian Round 2

While queuing at Kranji bus stop for Bus 170 to JB, one lone auntie queuing behind us started to chat with Auntie8888 on going to JB for what and ....

No. We are not going to KSL or City Square. We are going to Pontian for seafood lunch.

Lone Auntie : I never go beyond KSL and City Square. Scare! Can I follow you to Pontian for lunch?

Ooo .... Walau! What an unexpected request!

Hmm... okay lah!

But, can you walk far distance?

Can you take 1.5 hrs long bus journey?

Can you take not so cool bus?

May be you can re-experience those old days of Singapore with bus conductor on board with bus ticket. LOL!

The lunch that lone auntie didn't regret ... the bill!

Total bill = RM 123.50
(One Red Snapper, half-roasted duck, fried baby sotong, vegetable,
coconut, and rice)


  1. Replies
    1. Perkenalkan nama saya zull fikar. Dan saya ingin mengucapkan banyak terimah kasih kepada MBAH JONOSEUH atas bantuannya selama ini dan saya tidak menyanka kalau saya sudah bisa sukses dan ini semua berkat bantuan MBAH JONOSEUH,selama ini, saya yang dulunya bukan siapa-siapa bahkan saya juga selalu dihina orang2 dan alhamdulillah kini sekaran saya sudah punya usaha Restoran sendiri,itu semua atas bantuan beliau.Saya sangat berterimakasih banyak kepada MBAH JONOSEUH atas bantuan nomor togel dan dana ghaibnya, dan saya yang dulunya pakum karna masalah faktor ekonomi dan kini kami sekeluarga sudah sangat serba berkecukupan dan tidak pernah lagi hutang sana sini,,bagi anda yang punya masalah keuangan jadi jangan ragu-ragu untuk menghubungi MBAH JONOSEUH karna beliau akan membantu semua masalah anda dan baru kali ini juga saya mendaptkan para normal yang sangat hebat dan benar-benar terbukti nyata,ini bukan hanya sekedar cerita atau rekayasa tapi inilah kisah nyata yang benar-benar nyata dari saya dan bagi anda yg ingin seperti saya silahkan hubungi MBAH JONOSEU di 0823 4444 5588 dan ingat kesempatan tidak akan datang untuk yang ke 2 kalinya terimah kasih..

  2. CW,

    I've got an idea!

    You can take small private food tours of aunties and uncles to JB after retirement!

    If you need an assistant let me know! I only charge one free drink ;)

  3. Survey for makan beyond JB central and KSL.

    All yes then can go beyond. LOL!

    (1) Can you walk far distance?

    (2) Can you take 1.5 hrs long bus journey?

    (3) Can you take not so cool bus?

    1. CW,

      As snake oil, I'll repackage all the above "negatives" into marketing selling points:

      Miss the nostalgia days of the 70s? Come!

      Relive those romantic days where you take the air-come bus from Taman Jurong to Changi Point just try the Nasir Lemak. Spend quality time with your love ones on the bus! Time will pass so fast you would complain why distance so short!

      Wait! There's more!

      We'll throw in a 1/2 hour leisurely walk totally free of charge!

      And you won't believe it. If you sign up today, we'll even throw in FREE sunshine!!!

      Sweating is good for the body. We detox first; then makan till we drop.

      Come! Don't be shy. Come closer to the front.

      How many tickets you want Sir?

  4. temperament,

    OK, OK.

    I'll sing on the bus, tell stories, and crack naughty jokes!

    But must tip the clown OK?

    The things I do just for a drink...


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