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Friday 2 September 2016

One Uncommon Act Of Kindness!

Last Wednesday, Uncle8888 went early to Bedok Mall to survey for Pokemons before proceeding to Singapore Expo for corporate event. After collecting enough data points; he then proceeded to take bus to Singapore Expo (His last day of three months of free bus rides on SBS as SBS shareholder and then it becomes History)

He collected My Paper and Today and then proceeded to the metal bench to sit and read his papers. He placed his mobile phone on the metal bench but it slide down and Crash got sound.

Walau! So Uncle8888 was about to stand up to go behind the metal bench to pick it up.

One young man suddenly appeared just beside Uncle8888 while he was standing up. He heard a voice in Mandarin - "我来 我来!"

The young man quickly went behind the metal bench to pick up the mobile phone and returned it to Uncle8888!

Uncle8888 was stunned by his kindness act to senior citizen!

Is this an uncommon act of kindness?

How many of us have witnessed this type of kindness?

We know many will offer help to person in need and especially the weaker and older ones.


  1. Now it's up to you to pass it forward :) The world can be changed by one small act of kindness snowballed over time :)

    1. Ya. Agreed!

      Just one small act of kindness can have lasting impression and even though I can't see his face clearly and it past over so fast as he quickly walk on.

    2. As you age and pass your 60s, you will inadvertently notice that more and more people are kinder to you. But there will also be more of those who are impatient with you.

    3. Think there are two kind acts of picking it up and returning it by passer-by:

      1) The one who drops it doesn't know and passer-by saw it and pick it up and return

      2) The one who drops it and knew it and passer-by saw it and also notice that the person who dropped it knew it and the passer-by just move on. (Think this is quite normal behavior.)

      3)The one who drops it and knew it and passer-by saw it and also notice that the person who dropped it knew it and the passer-by picking it up on behalf.

  2. I was walking on the pathway yesterday and heard a soft voice behind me "excuse me".

    I turn around and saw a teen riding a bicycle. I then move to a side and when he ride passed me and said "thank you". Wow! Such a well manner teen. Good for him.

  3. Well done young man, and maybe his parents?

    Feel better than stock price rise? Hahhaa


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