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Sunday 25 September 2016

You Are Stupid To Lose Money In Your O & G Investment! Blame Yourself For Stupidity!

The past few weeks or months in the investment blogosphere; some smart Alec bloggers have began to write more on their hindsight wisdom to teach others in the cyberspace "valuable" investing lessons of Do and Don't and What to avoid!

After reading these impressive hindsight wisdom investing lessons; they made you look like idiots. Some in the cyberspace couldn't take it anymore and also began to seek second opinions and confirmation from other investment bloggers. Who is the prime candidate to check arh?

What is behind investing over decades to become successful long-term retail investors?

One "Guru" defined in his investing strategy as three years.

But, Uncle8888 defined long-term investing as the day till you reach your investing goals e.g. reaching the edge of your financial independence or sustainable retirement income for life. So long-term investing may over one or more decades over market cycles, economic cycles, commodity cycles, wars and crisis.

Every crisis that emerged in the past and the present; there are NO shortage of hindsight wisdom writers and including those branded and better known writers. They are the smart Alec telling what to do. What not to do and What to avoid.

Do they have their own money on the table to show us their game plan? Writing is cheap!

Luckily for him; there is NO investment blogosphere when he seriously took whatever money available in cash and CPF as his war chest and began his long-term investing journey to reach financial independence near the peak of STI for the next market crash.

!@#$ unlucky fellow!

So blame Rich Dad. Poor Dad? He is the one who inspired him to take action to get out of rat race!

Blame his stupidity in reading a book and believe?

Luck matters!


When Uncle8888 seriously began his long-term investing; there was NO investment blogosphere so NO reading from smart Alec in the blogosphere teaching "valuable" investing lessons; otherwise he might be the one seeking second opinions and confirmation from other investment bloggers who have their skin on it.

Some hindsight wisdom reading really made us depressive and lose confidence and made us look like idiots.

Get it?

Watch out for hindsight wisdom writing; and especially those smart Alec who don't place their own money on the table and write about it!

So what is behind investing over decades to become successful long-term retail investors?

Uncle8888's thought after more than 16 years of serious investing.

Days and nights with both eyes on financial news and investment blogosphere reading useful and useless stuff. It is no different like reading newspapers.

The Past. The Present and The Future!

When investing over decades in the stock market; our Present is the outcome of our Past. The Present is NOT our Future. We have to keep learning, revising and refining our investing strategies.

Up till now, Uncle8888 still doesn't believe in passive investing unless you are super savers and then can afford to be more passive.

The Future is the outcome of the Present. Have we put in enough time and effort in our Present so that Future is the outcome of the Present. How Future Me Thank You?

O & G is facing the worst crisis ever as told by many insiders in O & G industry.


This is the Present. But for long-term investors; our Present is the outcome of our Past. Worst ever? Not necessary true!

We better understand the long-term investing over one or more decades. It is about The Good. The Bad and The Ugly! The Past. The Present and The Future!

Over decades; investing is like Pokémon Go. Catch Them All - The Good. The Bad and the Ugly.

Learn to look your investment performance at Investment Portfolio level and not at single stocks. Power up your Level!

Read? More on Portfolio Management?

Precisely; it about 3Ms - Method, Mind and Money Management.

That is Art and Science of Position sizing and Diversification.

This can be learned in less than one hour with a few pieces of blank papers and a pen. It is so simple! You recall the TV Ads - It is so simple!

You have $10 to spare for set meal at Toast Box or Ya Kun?

Uncle8888's Top Three positions in his investment portfolio are all in news over the past months.

Bang his head and si liao?



  1. temperament,

    You think why Singapore and Malaysia signed the agreement to High Speed Rail?

    That's part of the future rail link to Thailand and all the way to Kunming China either via Vietnam or Myanmar.

    We are plugged-in.

    So its cool for Singapore.

    But for Singapore's shipping industry, its another story... Make a wild guess why Temasek sold off NOL?

    Shipping will still thrive; but knowing which shipping company to choose will require bottom-up selective and active stock picking skills ;)

  2. temperament,

    Well, we already have driverless MRT ;)

    One minister famously said driverless trains got 3 fail-safe safety mechanisms so very "safe" one!

    Then it happened...

    2 MRT trains "kissed" each other.

    And some time back light rail train sped pass 3 stations without stopping...

    I do my part. I veto all the self-paying devices when I'm at cinemas, fast food outlets, or supermarkets. I rather join the queue to pay at a human cashier.

    The bank tellers always so sweet to remind me I can deposit my cheque at the fast cheque box; but they always smiled when I told them I prefer to say hello to their pretty faces ;)

    I'm from the service line. The brothers and sisters that come after me will see their service days being numbered as they will be either replaced by machines or cheaper foreign help...

    I hope all those self-service machines will gather dust and become white elephants just the way Singaporean motorists have voted "yes" for service petrol kiosks and "no" to that pump your own petrol nonsense ;)

    Of course that's me putting on my socialist hat on and temporarily; hiding my nano-landowner hat...


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