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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

STI ETF - Really Passive Investing???

Real People. Real Story

Once Uncle8888 softly poked a well known and well liked public figure a few times for advocating his strong view that investing commoners are better off to invest in STI ETF until he tio ban by this public figure and subsequently stopped visiting his blog. Absolutely stopped. Not even once after that!

Why softly?

If poke too hard; he surely tio poked backside by his large followers to defend him.

STI ETF is never passive but it will not go down to zero. That is fact; but it is still actively managed by out-sourcing and market volatile.

In the next Bear market; Uncle8888 will be into STI ETF as short-term trading and long-term investing. Live demonstration here! Can wait bo?



  1. Yin & Yang. Alpha & Omega. It can't go down to zero. It is also can't be multi-bagger either.

  2. what does "tio ban" "tio poked" mean?

    1. tio banned means comments never publish

    2. Bruce,

      I see you and I have a reversed common ground - I worked in Shanghai for 4 years.

      No wonder you don't understand Singlish ;)

      Tio ban - I don't play with you; go away! (逐出门外)

      Tio poked - got taunted. (遭讽刺)


    3. yap, i don't really get meanings of those even when i was in SG. How do you know that i'm worked in SG before?

      It is an interest topic raised by Createwealth8888 on STI ETF, i'm vested. Given i have just started to pick up SG investment(again), i decided to use an installment plan to deal with STI ETF, which probably only gives me the return that 888 doesn't like. well, it is still ok to me.

    4. I will be into STI ETF at the next season to build cash flow for my bo chap spouse.

      This will be true passive investing for her. She just withdraw out half yearly dividends based on whatever is credited into the bank account. She don't need to bother about it. Not passive then what?

    5. CW,

      Your spouse will be true passive investor! LOL!

      Lesson learned?

      Get a mule to do all the heavy lifting.

      She married right ;)

      Lucky woman!

    6. Bruce,

      There is no secret in the cyber world ;)

  3. Tio banned? Public figure? Why so serious..

    1. Not first time tio ban. Tio ban by one local blogger too.

      Blogging can be that serious for these bloggers. So we have to know which blogs we can poke safely and the rest of them be politically correct. LOL!

  4. Hi,

    I don't understand what you mean by outsourcing and market volatile? I agree with you, the STI is a 30 stocks chosen by a panel based on market capitalization, earnings, and operating cash flow. It is somewhat a large-cap Singapore ETF.

    Lazy Singaporean

    1. Passive to lazy retail investors as SIT ETF is managed by paid fund mgrs. (outsourced?)

      The stock price quoted by Mr. Market for STI ETF is not steady pom pi pi.

      STI ETF fell from the high of $3.69 to low of $1.49. Drop of 60%. Not volatile?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Now I understand what you mean. Definitely it is never actively managed, and volatile. No one should say it will be a smooth ride investing in the STI.

      Lazy Singaporean

    4. Watch out with eyes wide open when some people don't track and measure to their investment return to decimal point started talking loudly on their investment strategy like this public figure on monthly DCA on STI ETF.


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