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Thursday, 15 September 2016

It's What I Do, Not What I Say. But .....

Many of us will know it!

It's What I Do, Not What I Say. But .....

When it comes to investment blogosphere ... many will tend to trust the opposite of it.

It's NOT what I do; but what I say it loudly and convincingly. The gift of language and marketing skills!

It's What I Do, Not What I Say. But .....


See how SMOL re-packaged the negatives.



As snake oil, I'll repackage all the above "negatives" into marketing selling points:

Miss the nostalgia days of the 70s? Come!

Relive those romantic days where you take the air-come bus from Taman Jurong to Changi Point just try the Nasir Lemak. Spend quality time with your love ones on the bus! Time will pass so fast you would complain why distance so short!

Wait! There's more!

We'll throw in a 1/2 hour leisurely walk totally free of charge!

And you won't believe it. If you sign up today, we'll even throw in FREE sunshine!!!

Sweating is good for the body. We detox first; then makan till we drop.

Come! Don't be shy. Come closer to the front.

How many tickets you want Sir?


  1. CW,

    Snigger, snigger, snigger.

    Paiseh, pian chiak, pian chiak only.

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