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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Bloggers Are Your Kinder And Good Friends???

Recently; Uncle8888 has responded to someone why we think that many bloggers out there in the cyber space are our kinder and good friends.

How can it be?

Open your eyes wide. See properly. Read properly. Think deeply!

Just treat them as daily doses of newspaper reading? No?


  1. Hi CW,

    Hehehe... precisely it is daily dose of newspaper!

    This is cyber world... things are mostly unreal.

    Sometimes pple who lack the relationship connection in the real world will use the blogosphere as a place to hide themselves or as a place where they can finally glorify themselves to satisfy their ego where in real life, they are so miniature!

    The person behind the words may be so different in real life that you can changed your entire perception about him/her if u know them outside.

    It is sad, but this is the truth!

    Even lots of news in media can be fake let alone blogs! hahaha...

    For me, as long as I m trueful to my family and friends reading, I will continue do what I think right..

    I trust u r the same! :-)

    1. Somehow some bloggers are different as their blogs are read by family members, relatives, close friends, friends and colleagues so they have do have moral obligation to write truthfully to their heart without those commercial vested interest clogging their mind. We can write more freely and truthful without fear of losing some readership and of course without breaking the Laws. That is the key difference!

  2. Ha!Ha!
    And care not what the world thinks as they say the truth will set you free.
    So try to live as truthful as possible.
    You will find the world doesn't owe you anything.
    Neither shall you owe anything to the world.
    At least you must try your best to do so.


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