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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Retirement not an entitlement

Fully agreed with headline title!
It is not our government or our employer's job to secure our sustainable income for life!
It is we and ourselves to secure our own retirement.
We have to get our hand dirty to do it.
At recent corporate event; few of Uncle8888's past colleagues thought that his three children are all working and self-independent so that he can choose to retire @ 60.
But, when he told them that only two were working and self-independent and his last son has just started his first year University study this year.  Uncle8888 could see the expression of their face turning into some sign of unbelievable so he has to further explain that his endowment policy matured in March this year and his family doesn't need this sum of money from insurance for survival anymore. This sum of insurance money is re-deployed from family survival to his youngest son's University educational fund.
In another word; it is as good as all his three children are financially self-independent and has very little drag on him.
Currently; his monthly household expenses tracking and recording exclude his youngest son's personal living and university education expenses. It is tracked separately.
This is real person, real financial and retirement planning journey and story being shared.
The Power of Ant!
We don't believe in wishing thinking or dreaming!
We set goals. We plan and We act according but along the way we are adjusting, reviewing and refining.
No shame! Grasshoppers won't get it? Right?
At the end of day; we arrive in one piece plus more; and then we sing song and talk Male Chicken with Grasshoppers and celebrate our arrival. 
If we are not dead; then we are not late for the party!


  1. Uncle 8888

    How to explain these to your colleagues if they are older than you, and by older, they deemed they are more experienced than you when talking about such topics ?

    1. Think most will worry over financial burden of their children's university expenses and rather wait till their children complete their university study before retiring.

  2. Ha! Ha!
    Grasshoppers can not calculate to the last decimal digit in Financial planning or counting their assets and cash flow to the very end.
    But they always have a grasp of macro picture of things to know whether they can survive how many future winters.
    And because they use fuzzy logic more, they always tend to be more 4 Ks in everything.
    Including more frugal or less spendthrift.
    So in the end they have more not less.

  3. Sometimes i think i am a hybrid of ANT/Grasshopper lol!

    1. We are hybrid. Worry more first and then worry less later.

  4. Yes, in today's society... totally agree that we should stop lamenting and plan for our own future.

    There may be a repercussion in ur article that the plan instead of "having" or "doing" more during young, it is instead : all dun wanna give birth nor even get married!


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