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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Singapore investors have unrealistic income expectations: Schroders survey

Sep 14, 20161:38 PM

SINGAPORE investors are an overly-optimistic lot, with the millennials here particularly more bullish and confident of their investment returns, a survey has found.

The average investor in the city-state expects a 9.2 per cent minimum return on their investments per year, according to the Schroders Global Investor Survey 2016. This is a stark contrast to the average stockmarket yield of only 3.8 per cent.

This over-optimism is more pronounced among millennials, who expect a 9.6 per cent return on their investment per year compared to 8.9 per cent for investors aged 36 and over.
"Singapore investors are overly optimistic about income returns," said Schroders on Wednesday.

CW8888: Illusion impressed upon them by "Gurus" and Trainers, e.g. like this marketing line?

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  1. Until they have gone through at least 2 2008/2009 financial fiascos, they will think they are super retail investors.
    Some may even aim for 15 to 20 % CAGR.
    It's alright to dream but don't forget reality too.

    Wish they can still survive after 2 financial fiascos.

  2. Wait!

    I thought its 8% "average" yield for stock markets?

    I want to verify Schroders' claim it's 3.8%!

    Quick! Those who "lelong" passive indexing, I'm waiting for you to fire back vigorously.

    Silent would mean acquiescence.

    Like that, might as well put money in CPF's Special Account?

  3. I'm a millennial........but I expect around 5% return per year (which I'll be very satisfied liao). Maybe I'm unintelligent or maybe my peers are too optimistic.....

    1. Agree.
      If especially minus inflation of the period of investment, will be considered as "excellent" CAGR.

      Now don't forget investment should be a lifetime duty, job or best as a "hobby" for life .

      Or even one of your or callings of life.

      That's why i wish you can survive after 2 2008/2009 financial fiascos.

      And i guarantee you will meet at least 2 of them if you can invest for 10 to 15 or 20 years in a row.

      You can disagree or disbelieve me.

      But you are no WB or the some other Gurus.

      In fact just google CW8888 and see how "Gee I See" AND "TOO MUCH SICK" CAGR in all these years

    2. Hi Temperament. Thanks for the advice. I will heed it. Btw, do you have a blog? Newbies like myself need to learn from your experience. I've been following your postings on valuebuddies.

  4. Ha! Ha!
    i am not so gifted to have my own blog.
    i only kar cheow SMOL & CW8888 most of the times because it suits me to do so.
    i am sorry if i don't suit them.
    Ha! Ha!


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