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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Wilmar: 10 : 1

Wilmar: 11 Rounds

CW8888 : 10 (Win) : 1 (Loss)

Since then, Uncle8888 has admitted defeat and retired from the Ring fighting Wilmar even after losing just one round.

Luckily, Uncle8888 is not addicted to buying back for Round 12!

You look at the above chart again. You may understand what he meant.

Some stock prices may not recover to our purchase price in our lifetime. Dividends may not be helpful in easing our headache and heartache.


Some words of wisdom by SMOL:

Investing and trading can be an addiction no different from addiction to sex, gambling, drugs, alcohol, computer gaming, etc.

So money don't matter if you''re an addict.

Most don't make money at the end of this journey - on hindsight, they would have wished they had bought whole life insurance instead....

"Buy term, invest the rest" sounds intelligent; not so if you have lost most of your investment money...

Most investors knew??? the markets is where the majority subsidise the few.

Interesting comments?

Createwealth8888September 26, 2014 at 1:50 PM 

Now do you think you may have made a mistake?

  • CW8888 : hahaha, I am waiting for your comment. To be frank, not yet regret, I think I will regret only when I realise the loss! Let's see how it goes in 10 years time as I intended to hold it till 55 remember? Hehe
  • My cure is very simple. Use dividends to ease headache. LOL!
  • CW8888, hahaha, ya, I still remember your vitamins (Dividend) analogy... 

  • Dividends for Super is not that high right? By the time it covers maybe we are in heaven liao LOL 
  • B : hahahaha, ya, not high... so, to answer you : yes, we might already be in heaven liao lol



    1. Moral of the Story?

      There is no one right and ever green strategy in the stock market to make and avoid losing money.

      1. CW,

        Pai seh... Thanks!

        I not wise. Wise if I discovered this truth when I was 20.

        But at 47, it's more experiencing the truth;. one step, one fall, and one bump at a time. Like Confucius says, it's the bitterest way to learn :(

        I see you have 3 question marks on the "most investors knew".

        Yes, at the back of our minds, we knew.

        Just like we knew there can only be the few in our class to make it top schools, fewer made it to officers who lead the other ranks during NS, and even fewer made it to top management in the company we work for...

        Cannot be that once we step into the markets, the distribution curve suddenly does not exist? Majority make money instead???

        10% of traders make money.

        30% of CPF members who invested with CPF money made money in access of the CPF interests.

        25% of active fund managers beat the index.

        That's why, like a man-whore, I am quite prepared to change strategy at the drop of the hat. Say change face immediately change face.... No money, no honey!


    2. Be very selective with growth stock.
      Growth stock like any other stocks is not immune to market cycle of bulls and bears.
      Better go for defensive and reasonably good dividend paying stocks - SPH, ST Engrg, telcos, etc etc
      For growth stock, it is possible for it will never ever going back up above our purchase price in our lifetime.
      Turning your losers into long term holdings?

    3. Wilmar is one of the classic example BlueChip to BlackGreen (黑青)chip.

      The growth story of bio-fuel and demand on palm oil hit a snap. When palm oil spot price dive, it affects profitability of Wilmar and most plantation stock. Palm Oil, Rubber Prices Hit 5-Year Lows

      Does gutter-oil production in China & Taiwan affect palm oil spot price?

    4. Ya.

      All that glitters is not gold so it made it a very tough job for us to find glittering gold in the stock market.

    5. We never knows.

      Next year could be the year for Super, GAR and Wilmar to bounce back. Never say never - that's what Justin Bieber told me.


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