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Sunday 14 September 2014

Planning is useless??? (2)

Read? Planning is useless???

Many have read this book!

Uncle8888 is very sure about. Many!

But, not that many will follow up to seriously develop a definite plan to achieve financial independence goal and get out of rat race as soon as possible.

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  1. One Personal Finance expert (Decease) said the cashflow investment don't work.

    I bet to differ.

    Below is my comment post in the blog.


    Dennis said investing in property for cashflow does not make one rich or millionaire.

    Qoute: "Just work out the simple Maths yourself. If you have a S$100,000 and invest into a property Priced S$500,000 and borrow S$400,000 loan. Each month, instalment may be S$1,800. If the rental income is say S$2,500. Property tax 1 year may be S$2,400 or about S$200 per month, condo management fee S$200, not even counting other expenses, such as Fire insurance, Income Tax on rental, commission on teanancy etc, etc. Your NET Cashflow per month is S$300, or works out to S$3,600 a year. If you want to each S$1 million from Cashflow, it would only take 277.77 years ONLY!!!"

    "He (Robert Kiyosaki) keeps emphasizing the Importance of Cashflow, Cashflow, Cashflow in his books and seminars. However, I personally realised that for a person who is starting out and not Rich, focusing on Cashflow or Passive Income will not help you become Rich, to become Rich, to reach your first Million dollars, the FACT is that you need to focus on Capital Gains, how to grow your money from S$1 to S$2, to S$4, to S$8 and repeat the process. That's how I re-started my journey after losing half my wealth in Asian Financial Crisis with remaining S$50,000 and slowly grew my money to reach S$1 million by year 2008, NOT by focusing on Cashflow."

    I bet to differ.

    He missed out a very important factor.... appreciation of property value. When one fully paid off his property mortgage loan in 25 years, the property value is very likely to worth $1M base on 3% inflation rate.

    So, with initial $100K investment, his investment grows to $1M in 25 year. The CAGR is ~9.8%

    In addition, he still have positive rental income every month. The rental income is likely to increase due to inflation.

    The best part is, after 25 years, he owns a $1M property fully paid. The rental rate may increase to $5K per months. Net rental easily >$4K for life!

    He can also leave it a legacy when he calls lord.

    Bottom line ... cashflow investment can make one rich.

  2. CW8888, Zhai liao lar, failed to plan is plan to fail right? ok ok lor... I go plan now lor (what to eat later)... hehe

  3. CW,

    To complement you, how many AFTER developing a definite plan will FOLLOW-THROUGH with ACTION?

    A bit like new year resolutions no?

    I'm sure you have seen colleagues and maybe yourself all hyped-up after attending a company sponsored workshop or seminar.

    Resolutions this, I will make-over myself that... But once we returned to the regular office grind, after 1 week, how many have started the journey that have planned during the seminar?

    I guess we are on the same page except our focus area is different.

    You are satisfied just as long someone showed up with a plan...

    I want to SEE real action progress, no matter how small the baby steps are.

    The Big Boss man want to see RESULTS.

    Same process; just different stages of it ;)

    Levelling up towards the stage when I can demand results from my shepherds. Then I can say: I not interested in your plans, and don't tell me your progress so far, where's the freaking result already!?


    P.S. A bit like our public transport infrastructure. Disgruntled passengers cry father cry mother? Quick! Show them our future plans. Some quiet down... Still got complaints? Faster now! Show them our work-in-progress! Good, good. More happy already... What? Still got some angry voices? Eh... Get that snake-oil PR person to do a spin. Still standing here for what?


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