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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Benchmarking Your Investment Portfolio??? (2)

Read? Benchmarking Your Investment Portfolio???

Read? Tom Gardner Founder of Motley Fools

The largest online stock advisory service they claimed.Since 2002, David Gardner accrued 245% gains vs 54% in the S&P 500. His brother Tom’s cautious value approach gained 81.4%.

Uncle8888 loves benchmarking. That is the way to know how far he as small retail investor can realistically reach.

Since Jan 2000, Uncle8888 accrued 166% gains.


  1. STI gains 106% from 2002 to 2014. So, you beat STI.

    If someone started 2008, he is probably still in negative zone.

    So, it depends when you start. If you start at wrong foot, then you're doom. LOL

  2. Fully agreed!

    We must do some level of market timing ourselves for gradually in and gradually out; and sometime just stay out with some cash rotting. Never mind. LOL!

  3. No! i think people who have started in 2007 will take a long, long time to even break even. Whereas people who started in 2008/2009 should be doing very well if they have not sold. These people if they have been selling from 2011 till now should be doing quite to very well.
    Of course there people are who "never" sell only buy.

  4. Gain in % terms doesn't tell us anything without knowing the starting capital.


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