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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk!

Read? Planning is useless??? (4)

A Day Trip to Pontian Kechil

1. Maju Bus No 96 from JB, Larkin Terminal to Pontian Kechil Bus Terminal: RM 5.40 (S$2.20)

2. Took bus ride to Pontian Kechil in the morning @ 10 AM and arrived at 11.15 AM

3. Early lunch at SF Restaurant:

Walking distance about 5-7 mins from Pontian Kechil Bus Terminal.

 Very near to the seaside.

Fresh sea Red Snapper @ RM 90/Kg

Steam in Teochew style @ RM 72 (S$28.80)

Total lunch bill for two : RM 87 (S$34.80)

4. Pontian Wholesale Fish Market

Address: Off Jalan Pontian in the direction of Kukup
Hours: 10:00am plus to around 1:00pm plus

Walking distance about 10-15 mins from SF Restaurant.

You can ask for direction from SF Restaurant's cashier when you pay your bill.


4. Pontian "Retail" Fish Market

This stall sells only fishes that were caught in Pontian's area.

The sea bass is at least two feet!

5. Walking around the town.

Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk

More to go ...


  1. Fresh sea Red Snapper @ RM 90/Kg
    WOW! in SING $ it means 35 per KG. Unless it is swimming, it is more expensive than pomfret at NTUC $26.50/KG.

    Fresh sea Red Snapper @ RM 90/Kg

    1. temperament,

      You bad!

      People happy happy "planned" a day trip to Potian Kechil - eat happy, take picture happy, blog happy.

      And you have to come in and point out the fish prices....

      Walk like Singaporean, talk like Singaporean. Off course price must adjust!

    2. Sorry neh!
      Ha! Ha!
      Can't help it once an "investor" always an investor no matter where i am. Even when i am supposed to be a "ROBERT" ( aka tourist) i will compare everything i am going to buy which i can get at home, Singapore. But odd though at times Mr Robert's character may take over me due to behaving like most tourists behave lol. "Hua Hee To Hoh", i admit. Especially on food lah.

    3. Eating whole fish at restaurant is not cheap in Singapore or even zi char stall too.

      Farmed sea bass at zi char is about $20 - 25. Right?

    4. Of course, you are right. We still can afford to pay handsomely in Singapore for the sake of convenience. i am always wondering when we can't even afford to pay at our Hawker Certre. Now everything at least $3 onwards even here. i think soon most Singaporeans have to eat at home like it or not.


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