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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Money Brings Happiness??? (2)

Read? Money Brings Happiness???

Read? Why opt-out social scheme works?

What so great about a plan that pays 300 per month only upon hitting certain set conditions?

Please remember that Elder Shield is one of those social insurance scheme for the real poor and needy ones!

Size of Money is RELATIVE!!!

One important money lesson that Uncle8888 learned from one of his fishing trips and never forget.

Size of Money is RELATIVE!!!

This fisherman told Uncle8888 that he is reaching 55 soon and will withdraw a lump sum of about $80K from his CPF account. 

From his wide smiling face when he talked about it and probably thinking of his plan on how to enjoy it, Uncle8888 could easily sense the high level of happiness coming out from him. Wow! He is so happy about it!

So what is $80K to many of us especially those investment and financially bloggers. Absolutely nothing!

Size of Money is RELATIVE!!!

So is happiness!


  1. Very true.. So it is a privilege for those who are able to feel happy with relatively small size of money like ur friend

    1. Not a personal friend. He is just one of those folks who were fishing at the same fishing spot as me.

      He must be really happy to tell a "non friend" on his money affair. LOL!

  2. This remind me of we come into this world naked, we will leave this world in the same manner too.
    So why while alive, we keep on worrying about we have not enough to last us till we leave this world. Why i even have to worry about whether i can leave a "legacy". That's why i am still blogging? What about keeping "dementia" at bay?

    “A man is rich in proportional to the things he can let alone.”
    My own favorite is, "A man is rich if he doesn't needs to spend a cent on anything"

    1. Same hobby. Same fishing spot. Trying to catch the same fish but different senses of feeling of richness in ourselves.

      One good way is to simplify our needs and wants to become "richer".

      Richness = N x $80K where N = 1, 2, 3, ..... n



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