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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Planning is useless???

Just For Thinking ...

Who says that?

Are you telling us that you go for your overseas vacation on Free and Easy mode without one?

When aeroplane landed at the airport then you decide where to go and what to do?

Chun bo?

Your future is uncertain so you don't really need to plan for it?

Now, who says planning must be 100% right?

No 100%.  So no need to plan. Is it?

BTW, some even plan ahead and decide the type of coffin to be lay down hor! 



  1. Of course human beings have plans. But people with visions or imaginations are more powerful than people who only have plans.

    Did i ever plan to be in the stock markets?
    Did i have vision or imagination of the market?
    Maybe, very ,very little.
    i have observe why some people makes a lot of money in the Bull market and i have to suffer in the bear market (poor economy time)?
    Without planning,
    Yet i am already >26 years+ in the market.
    Did i think or plan to be in so long?
    Again No!
    But now you ask me, i will say yes i plan to be in till the last day of my life if GOD permits.
    There it goes without a plan to with a plan.
    Where or what is the differences?

  2. CW,

    Eh, that's how I spent my vacation in Sofia, Bulgaria and Bucharest, Romania ;)

    OK, I did book my hostels in advance. Now is that planning or action taken? Hmm...

    Once arrived at my hostels, I start exploring the city on foot. No planning, no itinerary.

    No English signs anywhere too!

    Never felt more free!

    Most people on vacations have a checklist of things to buy, food to eat, and places to take pictures from. Now is that vacation or a pseudo mission to relax?

    Hello, I am not saying ALL planning is bad, OK?

    Merely offering the possibility of living in the present, that's all!

    I'm a moderate.

    I'm not with that guy who cyber-bullies a teenager; all because he has a different opinion? A grown man putting down his junior in such harsh language... You wonder what good all that "education" and "life experiences" went into...

    Whatever happen to how to be a gentlemen?

  3. Haha, I was just sharing with my wife about that...I think if you want others to accept your views, you got to package in a way that the others can take it without losing face. If you want to be egoistic and let others know that you're superior, then go all out and raise hell! lol!

  4. Have you pressed fuzzy logic button on a machine? i think it's fun for you to find out the outcome of this program. It may be slightly different each time. When you are young, you should have more of this kind of plan. - Chasing girls plan?

    i think it's fun to have fuzzy logic plan at times. When the situation call for 4Ks plan then 4K plan it lol. But never, ever put yourself into a "straight - jacket" plan.

    1. temperament,

      You have lived!

      A toast to all the girls we have chased before!!!

  5. Ha! Ha!

    1. I am never tired of watching this DVD musical over again and again. i had the original (reprint) imported from a DVD shop in Raffles Place. i paid about $30 then. The sound 7 video reproduction is excellent. Unfortunately due to my mishandling, the dvd now is partially destroyed.

    2. temperament,

      coconut has his snooker, CW got his fishing, I have my songs, and you with your musicals.

      Today we rejoice in the good life!

      Cupid, draw back your bow
      And let your arrow go
      Straight to my lover's heart
      For me, nobody but me

  6. Hi Uncle! Haha is this about me haha! Btw thanks for commenting on my post that led me to discover your blog! Thank you! Have already linked you. :)


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