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Friday, 12 September 2014

How did we lose money in investing??? (2)

Read? How did we lose money in investing???

You can call it whatever.

Still okay!


You still call it scaling-in or dollar cost averaging?

Good luck! God bless! Buddha bless!

Chinese's saying ..

Ten botaks. Nine are rich. You pray hard that you are not the 10th botak!


  1. Let's discuss ...

    History reveals that market will go back up every time it crashes. It is like to returns stronger.

    Assuming that the market has crash 50% and you are are still holding blue chip stock (some of the STI components). Your BC stocks still above the water despite the 50% down.

    Will you buy and accumulate more of your BC stocks during this bear period? Rightfully the answer is yes because you can buy more at cheaper price.

    If yes, then aren't you average down?

    If no, then you're missing the golden opportunity to accumulate more with dirt cheap price.

    So, average down is not a bad strategy.

    Of course some will sell their holding before the crash. But how many people done that?

    In reality, most of us sell during the bear to "cut lost/profit" and dare not buy during this period. We buy when the market has recover >50% from valley.

  2. Average down a basket or handful of stocks or blue chips is okay.

    Some die die will average down a single stock like I can't be wrong!

  3. Be careful. STI COMPONENT BC can be kicked out and replaced from time to time. Even the about more than 100 years old FNN has been replaced because of a Thai tycoon. Also if you average down SMRT , NOL when they were still in the STI Index, will you be O. K. now? i am not so sure.

    1. Yup, we must be extra careful not to catch falling knife average down. It is easy to apply, but not simple.

      Agree that some BC stocks do not have good FA. Some of then in cyclical industries.

      So when we must only average down on good FA companies.

  4. Also a lot of people or most people think the most dangerous time is "Bust (Bear) Time," but actually the the most dangerous time is "Boom (Bull) Time". No?


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