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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Cash Is Rotting??? (2)

Read those comments? Cash Is Rotting???

Here is the Maths for $1,000!

Here is the thought!

Being right is much better than being early.
Cash is rotting or Cash is King?

Being early or being right?

What do you think of your power of investing return?

Siew Dai or Ga Dai?


  1. What is the probability of market crash got sound within the next three year and recover thereafter within two years?

  2. Any prediction will be true when the time come. We just don't know when.

    However, we can prepare for the event and seek the opportunity.

    WD said focus what might happen and not when it will happen. Prepare resolution for what might happen.

    1. Not what might happen or when it will happen but Surely it will happen.
      If only you can afford to wait it to happen.
      Why surely leh?

    2. haha...

      Stock market like 4 seasons. Every season has its turn, but on different timing.

    3. Ya. Seasons of extreme unequal timing


  3. In a nutshell, the longer you wait, the bigger crash you need, which makes sense.

    The risk though, is that one is likely to end up doing some itchy finger buy around the 3-5 year mark, instead of waiting patiently, which compounds the error of waiting.

    As long as one is confident of not succumbing to itchy finger buying, then waiting with cash makes sense.

  4. Fortunately for us, this is CW BLOG, not a VBs.
    i think it's O. K. to be "any type" of investor.
    Hey even "ROJAK" investor like me can make some money you know.
    But VBs accept or tolerate my postings there too after i declare i am a "ROJAK" investor.
    Hope Vbs still tolerate me after this posting here.

  5. Is the old couple at old Airport road Hawker Centre the original Toa Payoh Rojak operator?
    You have to take a Q number almost like at a polyclinic, you know.


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