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Monday, 28 August 2017

Ten Year Series Mentality Amongst Investors???

Read? Ten Year Series Mentality Amongst Investors

Uncle8888 is one of those ten year series mentality investors!

So strongly he believes in this 10 year series that he is way too early for the past years model answers. He will definitely spot for few past questions and see whether will History repeat itself!

Spotted right! This time he is going to huat big time unlike in those days of GFC in 2008/2009 when he was just trying to RECOVER from losses with capital re-cycling. This time will be fresh and idle capital injection into his investment portfolio and even bigger than the initial capital which he has started near STI high in Jan 2000!

Hmm ... Deja vu like in 2000?

Certainly for Uncle8888. LOL!

See closely at the chart below. Got it?


  1. Whoa Uncle8888!!

    Looks like almost 2/3 of your portfolio in cash ... that's a nuclear missile warchest to take out the next big bear!! Hahaha!! :) :)

    I'm almost the opposite ... still 80% invested ... But praying for big bear bear?!?

    No worries!! Bear bear will come ... and probably when everybody least expect it!!

    The only question is whether next bear will be short & sharp like GFC and AFC .... Or long & drawn out "sandpaper torture" like 2000-2002???

    Or maybe both like Oil from 2014 till today ... Sharp & rapid collapse ... followed by years of sandpaper torture .... L-shape to test investors' character!! Hohoho!!!

    Reminds me of gold in the 80s & 90s .... L-shape for 20 years... -.-

  2. A warchest large enough to challenge the humongous world-record size and might of Hitler's Schwerer Gustav Gun (at 1,350 tonnes and firing shells weighing seven tonnes to a range of 47km). Lol.

  3. Hope that war chest will last till the last few weeks of the battle

  4. "You must protect yourself from the anxiety of a dramatic decrease in your standard of living. Thus, you must immunize yourself from personal risk: the devastating impact of not being able to meet your essential cash needs, regardless of the performance of financial markets."

    My aim is to invest with the above Quote always in mind.

    No more HC very difficult leh!


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