As from April 2013 my Journey in Investing is to create Retirement Income for Life till 85 years old in 2041 for two persons over market cycles of Bull and Bear.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Financial Independence @ 56. Retired From Full-Time Employment @ 60. The Way It Has Happened To Me

One picture tells the whole story of earned income vs. investment gains. The way it has happened to Uncle8888.


  1. Gen X'ers want to do it 10 years earlier...

    Millennials want to do it 20 years earlier...

    Gen Z how?!? Siao liao!! Hohoho!!

  2. CW, you start work at age 29 meh? What are you doing during 'lost' years?

  3. Replies
    1. Retire @60 on 2016.
      So, age 59 @2015.
      Work 30 years from 1985 ~ 2015.

      59 - 30 = 29

    2. 21 yrs old at 1977.
      Start work at 1985.

      1985 - 1977 = 8

      8 + 21 yrs old = 29 yrs old


  4. OIC. I only have IRAS income tax records from 1985 onwards. Not sure before 1985; it was below taxable income or I threw them away. Without those past IRAS income tax records; I couldn't know those years of earned income from 1977 to 1984

    1. lol ... I believe your earned income CGDR >4.5% then as we started with extremely low pay.

      Mine CAGR is 6% over 26 yrs.

  5. Mine seems to be about 8 %. CAGR

    i hope it's quite accurate.

    NVM; at the end of the day how much money is in your pocket lol?

    Can you live on it for your retirement?

    i boh tak chet so i have been using the now defunct Micro-soft money.

    Also i started of with a virtual capital of $1.5 million for my portfolio.

    So that means no new money is added in to the portfolio till today

    But the cash value in the portfolio at any time is actual not virtual Ok.

    i want the tracking to be as simple as possible.

  6. Both of you have higher human asset growth rate

    1. Are you referring to me too?

      i not sure how to differentiate!

      i only know don't spend if you don't have to.

      But i also think because if your portfolio(only stock) gives you 6 to 8 % CAGR,

      the money or cash value generated allow you have to have some other investments return like FD, or FODebt(aka escape paying loan interests, mean money still intact in your pocket), etc.....

      How to account for all this?

      Your assets balance should reflect all these.


      Yi Tak Wu Tu - Ha! Ha!


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