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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Keep your Goals on hand and close to your ear and face??? (2)

A goal is a dream with a deadline — Napoleon Hill

Read? Keep your Goals on hand and close to your ear and face???

Before .....

Uncle8888 keeps his goal on hand and closely to his ear and face!

This is the way how he visualizes his goals. His mobile phone's wallpaper.


Now his mobile phone's wallpaper is ....


  1. LOL!


    I think we have converge somewhere in between ;)

    The tools we use going up the mountain and going down the mountain different right?

    You have fun in your talk!

    1. This time I won't be contradicting the other speaker. :-)

    2. Usually some difference of opinions / approach is common (& welcomed!) in large conferences or seminars .... but if just 2 speakers looking at each other may be kinda awkward. Haha!!

  2. If the speakers contradict each other in the SAME theme or track then audience may become more confused after the talk. This coming talk, the two speakers are on different theme or track. LOL!

    1. CW,

      The audience has to play their part to exercise the grey matter between their ears.

      Good organisers will invite different speakers from different camps to have a "clash or ideas". That's what CNBC and Bloomberg will do to give their audience a more "balanced" view. Same for why some books like the Market Wizard series sell so well... Every guru in the series will contradict some other gurus. LOL!

      When an organiser only invites speakers who all toe the same "corporate line" - that's a "TELL" its all about selling tickets ;)

      I it intellectually boring when in a Facebook group or forum, someone "influential" says something, everyone else starts to parrot yalor, yalor!

      I don't need an echo chamber. My own head is empty enough... LOL!

    2. The issue is some who already have doubt or grey matter and that is probably the reason to buy ticket to attend talk and then after the talk becomes more confused. How?

    3. CW,

      You and I both know whenever we are "male-chicken" sure about anything, we tend to find it out painfully how that will come to bite us in the ass...

      No one goes to a half-and-hour talk and walk out with ALL the answers. You mean you gonna "sell" one solution for all age groups, different personalities, and diverse backgrounds?

      Those who are not confused are the choir-boys who were already sold - they just want more confirmation.

      Those who attend and walk-out confused good! That means they will more likely seek the answers themselves. The talk is merely a catalyst. A "push" for them to take the first step of self-discovery.

      I thought the purpose of any investment talk is to create "doubt"?

      Then you can "sell" them a solution.

      And if they buy NOW, you'll get a BONUS workshop for FREE that's valued at $XXXX.

      Wait! There's more!

      For a limited time only, we'll even throw in this free E-book, this DVD-box set, and this crayon and colouring book absolutely FREE! That's right! FREE (Of course bei kambings forget the "solution" costs $3,000 in the first place)

      Sign up NOW!



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