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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Economic Rice Or Zi Char???

Uncle8888 has no issue with eating economic rice for lunch or dinner when he is eating alone. It is just a meal!

But when he goes out eating as a family; then the decision to have economic rice or zi char is not that simple.  $4.50 or $13.50 per head? Cost analysis not working well under such circumstance to be frugal as he just can't shake off this thinking of feeling funny where each of his family members queue in line to get their own plate of economic rice and then eating off from their own plate.

$13.50 per head 


  1. Whoa! Get your kids to pay ... problem solved! Kekeke!! 😝

  2. Ya, some ZICHAR charges are like restaurant prices.

    Locals may think it's ridiculous, but many are still thrivng.

    Too many foreigners or tourists around in Singapore?

    Or too many rich Sinaporean suckers?

    Sorry, sometimes have to be a sucker when you like the food.

    Or seldom cook at home.

  3. Don't think we can get $13.50 per head for 4 dishes in restaurant. Right?

  4. Nowadays, the difference in bill size between restaurant and zichar/coffee shop is like heaven and earth. Driven by skyrocketing costs ranging from rents to staff salaries, restaurants nowadays not only inflate the prices of their dishes tremendously, but the final bill is also inflated further with GST, service charge, towel charge, tea charge, pickle charge, peanut charge, even plain water charge.
    Western restaurants mark up their drinks prices as if they are magical waters of eternal life. Many western restaurants here no longer serve plain water, instead they emulate restaurants in US and Europe by selling us bottled water at $xx++ per small bottle. There's no escape as their soft drinks, coffee/tea, alcoholic drinks all start at $xx++ per cup/glass.


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