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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Why I Was NOT A Serious Retail Investor Before 2000?

Read? Speaking And Sharing With Track Records!!!

Singapore Man of Leisure20 August 2017 at 11:31:00 GMT+8


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Who to believe? Anyone out there bothered to "verify"? Some reporter say anything and you believe? Now we know why so many fall into scams ;)

We pick and choose the stories to help our thesis.

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CW8888: That is the issue. No proper records keeping to check and verify.

Uncle8888 by nature is tracker and computes to precision of two decimal places. This unusual behavior does have some goodness for his future generation to check and verify what Ah Kong said.

Before the days of MS Excel; he kept details in this book which no longer is use and was kept in his HDB's storeroom collecting dust.

FD Rate at that time of FD renewal on that year.

1996 : 4.2%
1997 : 4.0%
1998 : 6% (two yrs)
2000 : 2.7%
2001 : 2.7%


  1. Thinking back. How come not keen in investing then?

    1. Becoz investing results take time.

      When younger, no time lah. Want quick profits ... trading, gambling, speculating.... in addition to "investing" in Toto, 4D, soccer betting...

      Counters of choice are micro-caps, penny stocks ... to huat big or go down in glory...

      Sometimes become accidental investors when didn't cut loss ... just let the counters rot lah ... after a few years may also disappear when the micro-caps become zero-caps...

      Best is many start during mid-to-late bull --- all stocks cheonging, how to lose money?? See ma, I'm so smart .... just earned 1 year of salary by trading in 3 months!! Can retire by 35 liao!!!

      After big crash & bad recession & property slump & fighting to save jobs ... how many survivors left to continue blogging & give monthly updates???

      Those who survive the cheonging days ... then kena daily grind ... responsibilities, family, elderly parents, bills, mortgage, making your boss happy, hanging on to your job, focus on promotion, etc etc .... no time to invest seriously lah...

      Hence for majority of people, I believe best approach is simply to have strong savings habit, and use proper term & shield insurance to protect against catastrophic events.

      If they later decide to be serious in investing, then they can take their time to study, dip their toes a bit, and have big war chest to deploy at big recessionary times.

  2. blah, blah black sheep have you any wool?


    Surrender wool OK (Can recover)

    Surrender milk OK (Can recover)

    Surrender meat never OK!


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