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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Stories At Woodlands/JB CheckPoint

Read? Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk! - Pontian Round 3

The KSL S1 bus has reached JB Central bus terminal and we were waiting for the front passengers to alight. Auntie8888 tapped his shoulder and said this Uncle asked how to get to the train station?


Turning to the elderly man and told him now it is 4 pm. No jam! 

Why do you want to take train? Take bus very easy! Train got schedule. You also don't know the schedule. Take bus!

He explained that this is his first time taking bus as he normally drives so he was quite lost on how to get back to Singapore.

On further chatting; he said he followed his friend's car to JB for car repair; but then he lost contact with his friend at KSL. He called his friend's phone but no reply. He has waited for more than half an hour also no reply from his friend so he decided to go back to Singapore on his own.

Uncle8888 told him at this hour there is no problem with taking bus back to Singapore. No jam! You got EZlink card to take bus? He replied yes. Come come and follow me!


  1. Let see anymore extra ordinary encounter at woodlands/JB checkpoint. :-)

  2. Good of you to help, Uncle8888!! :)

    Hmmm, extraordinary encounters....

    As long no hantu or pontianak!! Hahaha!!!

  3. Sure!

    There are a lot of stories to tell if you are a regular visitor to JB.

    Once, after driving nearly 1/3 of the causeway towards Singapore, my wife found that my passport was not stamped.

    i walked back to show them my passport was not stamped.

    The immigration officer play bola passing saying it was not his station's stamp.

    i told them look, my wife was still waiting in the car parked at JB's causeway.

    Then finally an officer asked one of them to stamped my passport.

    Whew! Lucky escape or what's happening?

    1. The moral of the story is always checked your passport stamping immediately.

      And the dates are correct.


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