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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Three Things I Didn't Do To Retire @ 60

1. Penny pinching to keep monthly household expenses as low as possible

Single household income since 1995 and a large financial bomb of three children receiving university education.

2. Upgrading of RESIDENTIAL home

Many of Uncle8888's peers have upgraded their house at least once.

3. Voluntary topping up to CPF Accounts

$33K of total interests earned in his CPF Accounts for 2016.

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  1. I'm pleased to say that not only did I NOT do those 3 things above just like you, I went even further:
    1. I spent my money like there was no tomorrow.
    2. I downgraded my flat (because at that time, singles were not allowed to buy anything larger than 3-room flats)
    3. I lost some CPF-OA money listening to my colleagues and broker.

    And that's not all -- I retired myself at 51 by walking away from the one and only job/career in my life which was still on the ascend. Although, it meant having much much less money to spend, but I'm a million times happier with no care and no stress from anyone. In return, I get back all my time and freedom to observe, savour and learn and understand everything around me every minute of my remaining life. And I've not looked back since.

  2. Good real life story of not worrying too much of not having enough to retire. Freedom of time and free from life stress is priceless!


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