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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Advice to 19 years old young investor

Hi UncleCW! 

Has been reading your blog for awhile, your blog posts really educate me on my financial journey. I've recently embarked on the financial journey earlier this year. 

Just a brief introduction about myself.
I'm 19 year old and currently studying as a 3rd year student in a local polytechnic. Always interested in embarking on the journey towards achieving financial freedom. 



Would appreciate if you would be able to share on your views and possible advice for myself as a young individual embarking onto this journey! 


What do you think is Uncle8888's prime suggestion?

Always remember your career is your foundation of your investment capital. Earn more. Save more. In investing, account size really matters. LOL! 


  1. Erh... study hard... just anyhow tikam... ;)

  2. "career is your foundation of your investment capital"

    Very true.

    Ability to secure high-paying jobs will allow you to quickly build buffers & big war chest. Imagine after 5-8 yrs of working and having war chest of $200K or $300K to deploy in strong dividend-paying companies when markets go down -30% or -50%.

    After that will become like mini-Uncle8888 liao. And still in your mid-30s!! Hohoho!!!

  3. More comments are welcome as he is the silent reader here. :-)

  4. Like i have said in BTB's blog.

    The 3 things you must have to thrive financialy.

    Good Income, High Saving & Suitable Investments.

    From a Guru is:- Good Luck(or God's blessings), Deep Pocket & Longevity.

    He meant these are the 3 best things to have in investments.

  5. Don't listen to old fogeys, listen to your heart.

    Experience. Feel. Touch. Taste. Smell. Breathe.

    Sing. Dance. And wear that nice shirt ;)

    1. Ha! Ha!

      i know you are still 50 years young but think like 70 years old.

      Seriously, you have to read as many books as possible - anything about money.

      And then see which ideas you can use or more suitable to your temperament.

      U see SMOL likes to be a SNIPER in the Market, i found that i can not survive if i try to be one.

      Take your time to understand yourself because investment is not a marathorn race for most peopel but a lifelong journey.

      Going to be 70 next year and still in the market.



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