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Sunday, 20 August 2017

World's Well Known Gurus' CAGR

Updated for 2016/2017

See those rows in Red wording where these Gurus are still active till 2016/2017

Look like it is getting harder for Gurus to achieve double digits return in the last 10 years.

Those commercial ads "Gurus" can teach you to achieve double digits return!  Chun bo?


  1. the best informative blog, history is a mirror

  2. Hmm... can compare like this one? not the same duration, not the same start and end year.

    1. Benchmark to Warren buffet can't be wrong. 52 years till 2016 will cover any time frame who is investing now

  3. Our own potential Buffet & Munger??

    Quantedge Global Fund
    Leow Kah Shin & Chua Choong Tze
    Started Oct 2006
    25% annualized return

  4. Spur,

    We don't need Buffert & Munger wannebes or copycats. We have our own 一代宗师.

    To counter-balance your systematic quants, I offer you discretionary macro:

    Dymon Asia Capital
    Danny Yong and Keith Tan
    Started Aug 2008
    One of the top hedge funds in the world (Singaporeans can compete globally; no need born and breed coddling)

    These 2 founders came from humble backgrounds and have not forgotten their roots.

    Too bad I no spring chicken. If I early 20s, I would knock on their door and asked to office boy in the day - just as long they give me a chance to prove myself as a trader in the evenings!

    They remember a time when top traders at investment banks had only O'levels or high school diplomas...

    Yes. 75% of hedge funds underperform passive indexing.

    But we still have the 25% ;)


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