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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Why I DON'T Use Stop-Loss

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Uncle8888 DOESN'T use Stop-loss; but he doesn't lose his pant!

CASH got sound (in his mind)!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Portfolio Management - Stop Losses?

I do cut losses to recover capital and redeploy the recovered capital to other stocks, but it is not related to the falling stock price. I don't need to win back in the same manner that I have lost.

One day in 2008, a guy came to this cbox and said: "Bro, do you have stop loss and you are holding a losing position for too long!"

I replied: "Bro, I don't use stop loss"

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Method, Mind, and Money Management

Stop-loss is nothing more than a technical risk control and money management tool. What if we have really have in our mind this risk control and money management; and we count our money to two decimal place and we know CASH got sound and don't lose our pant!


  1. Uncle8888, you already practicing half-stop-loss strategy!

    Take out your initial capital for war chest & let your profits run!! Kekeke!!

    At end of day it's all about having insurance & risk mgmt. And insurance does have its cost .... whether actual costs, or opportunity costs, or needing more monitoring efforts.

  2. i also don't use stop loss.

    So i have Koh brothers 12 lots since IPO time.

    i think about 15 to 20 years already (Don't bother to check when IPO)

    This company seems to make money till today, but retail share holders don't get anything much at all.

    So i want to see when i can get something from the KOH's family lol.

    1. My late FIL had Koh Bros too and happily sold off as "profits" for distribution. You see long-term investing when we are dead but companies still around


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