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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Why Three Or More Taps Model Is Far Better For Sustainable Retirement Income For Life?

Read? Sustainable Retirement Income For Life - Three Taps Solution - Revised slides

Mr Market is like Dr M who unexpectedly returned to threat our Water Tap. We will be in deep shit if we only have one tap solution for our water need!

Do you depend significantly on your investment income to pay your household living expenses for many more future years across market cycles and be threatened by Mr. Market?


  1. No worry, CW has a perpetual CPF's annuity tap as long as the only the interest is withdrawn.

    Which unlikely to run dry unless the G shifts the goal post because too many people copy-cat CW.


  2. Already my cohort or slightly younger have to compulsorily withdraw their MS/RS at the age of 70 even if they would still like to leave it un-touch.

  3. Ehhh ... investment doesn't mean only stocks ... diversify lorr :)

    Or have system to avoid big bears ... E.g. use a no-brainer 10-month simple moving average.

    100% in global stocks or 100% in cash, depending on trend signal.

    Over last 20 years .... CAGR of 8% .... max drawdown of -20% .... can challenge Temasek, hahaha!

    But not many can do it ... need a lot of discipline & patience ....

    Other timing systems may be even better e.g. dual momentum, relative strength ... but more complicated ...


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