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Friday, 27 July 2018

Some Not High Income Jobs


  1. Hi bro cw

    Why our nursing & healthcare people pay so low? This make me feel sad as their contribution is much more than that amount $...sigh

  2. Nursing job scopes account for 80% of healthcare staffing. So controlling their costs has been govt priority. Demand & supply changes has upped their salaries in recent years, with aging population & foreign staff asking for higher pay as their home countries develop further. That's why we recently agreed to open up to cheaper staff nurses from India, with the CECA 2.0 bilateral agreement.

    That's why most local staff nurses either pursue non-patient job scopes, or migrate to Oz/US after a few years experience.

    Salary of staff nurse in govt healthcare can be $4++K after 5 years, but many locals will still feel not "worth it" if stuck in siong 24/7 hospital wards.

    For enrolled nurses (from ITE), their starting pay is low. They mostly don't even work in healthcare from the beginning, or will switch after a couple of years.

    Majority of nursing aides & healthcare attendants we get from neighbouring 3rd world countries, and we really take advantage of them. Many of the nursing aides are experienced full fledged nurses back in their home countries, but we don't recognize their training.

    The secret to working in S'pore healthcare, if you can't be a doctor or dentist, is to go into Allied Health i.e. physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, radiographers.

    These positions in S'pore govt hospitals pay same or even higher than in some angmoh countries. In the last 10 years can see some PTs / OTs from UK and Oz come to work in govt hospitals here.

    And the work is 5X less siong than nursing, heheheh.

  3. Hi spur

    Thanks for sharing. U sound like u are in this healthcare related service :)


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