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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Seafood Soup

Hi Uncle Jacob,

Recently, my colleagues intro me to this nice fish soup near SMOL's place:

You got try before?


Queue is okay!

The fish soup is stronger flavor based and not the typical Teochew fish soup style. Not sure what style is this one. :-)

8.50 = 6 + 2 (Lala add on) + 0.5

$2 Lala add on is not worth the money!

25% of Lala are bad!

For fresh Lala; Uncle8888 still have to go to JB for his steam Lala!

Forget about the Lala; the seafood soup is good!

Unintelligent Nerd17 July 2018 at 21:14:00 GMT+8

Errr......Uncle CW, looks like wrong fish soup stall leh.

Aiya. Next time ask SMOL bring you there. zzzzzz


Couldn't launch the URL from email from my phone?



  1. Errr......Uncle CW, looks like wrong fish soup stall leh.

    Aiya. Next time ask SMOL bring you there. zzzzzz

  2. Ha ha. See updated above. Didn't see any pig organ but got mixed minced pork meat soup.

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      That's CW's style - see got queue, join!

      I was thinking I've never eaten at that store before...


      My favourite fish soup store is at the Havelock Road Food Centre - the one at the corner where lots of taxi drivers frequent ;)

  3. Bought $4m at Blk 123. LOL!

    Few blocks away! Next time lor!

  4. Hi bro cw

    This stall at redhill fc right? Opposite redhill mrt station?

    The prawn looks quite big lei... how is the soup? Is it more strong taste on fish & prawn or porky taste? Cos I saw something looks like bak chor :)


    1. Alexandra Village Food Centre, 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 150120

      Stronger taste towards prawn mee soup

    2. Such big lump of bak chor. I double check whether it is properly cooked. Eating half-cooked pork is risky. It was well cooked and not harden. Hmm.. one big lump of minced meat!


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