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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

In Real Life Such Retail Investors Are Outliers???

Read? 10 Things We Learned From The 2018 Public Bank AGM

Read? Public Bank Is One Example Often Quoted by Investment Writers How Retail Investors Can Became Millionaire!

5. Public Bank has paid an increasing dividend since 2013. Dividend per share has increased from 58.0 sen in 2016 to 61.0 sen in 2017. Public Bank returned a total of 24% in 2017 including capital gains and dividends. If a shareholder bought 1,000 shares of Public Bank in 1967 and subscribed to all subsequent rights issues, his stake would now be worth RM4.6 million (148,938 shares at RM22.50 per share plus RM1.3 million in gross dividends) – a compound annual growth rate of 19% over the last 50 years.


RM1.3 million in gross dividends over last 50 years

Average gross dividend per year = RM 26K

Average gross dividend per year per share = RM 26 or about S$8.67


Just one stock!

In real life, such retail investors are outliers?

Anyone who has relatives still holding Public Bank and now millionaire based on just one stock?

How about Uncle8888's dream stock Kep Corp?

Over 50 years; may be half a millionaire?

Millionaire will be miracle. LOL!


  1. Alamak Uncle8888, this is known as 1-stock investment pornography, LOL!

    Many people also look at FAANG stocks and say IF ONLY ... :)

    Apart from Jeff Bezos I doubt if anybody else held onto Amazon shares from Day 1 till today. Hahaha!!

    And what about Ronald Wayne ... who? He was the 3rd founder of Apple who sold his 10% initial Apple shares back to Steve Jobs & Wozniak for $800 in 1976 ... after just 12 days of helping to setup Apple company. For a very good & rational reason too ...

    Today it would be worth about US$90B .... rubbing shoulders with Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg ...

    1. Hope that Keppel Corp can invite retail investors to celebrate their 50th yrs with dinner and then I ask those oldies how many years they are holding. :-)

  2. The moral of story is put $100 in every single stock in sgx. one of it will be become multibegger. hahaha!


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