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Monday, 2 July 2018

The Biggest Advantage Of Not Having Full-time Or Part-time Job Is NOT having limited annual leaves subjected to boss's approval

Read? Part-Time And Free Lance Jobs

If you think that 14 to 21 days of annual leaves are good enough to pursue your leisure, vacations or travels throughout your lifetime; by all mean you don't have to retire from your full-time job.

Why retire from full-time job?

More free time without having approval from bosses!

Primary reason. No?


  1. Ownself investing & trading considered PT and freelance job?? :)

    Alamak! Need to seek approval from ownself to take leave! Wakakaka!!

    Anyway our big boss, Mr Market, has decided to give many of us time-off these few weeks (until the dead cat stops bouncing).

    Except for those doing essential OT & shift work (shorting stocks / indexes) ... hope SMOL is doing OK!

    1. Mr Market has given me years of time off. Only recent days I am doing some homework on Singtel.

      This one is retail and our local investment bloggers' favourite yield stock.

  2. Hi uncle CW

    What about their free health benefits? Hehehe

  3. Hmm .. I lost more on health benefits as mine included spouse too. Double loss :-(

  4. Ehhh company health benefits not "free" ... it comes at cost to cash remuneration.

    When my brother re-assigned to S'pore he negotiated for almost 20% increase in basic salary by doing away with outpatient coverage for family & downgrading 1 level from private hospital cover to govt hospital A-class. (He's on expat terms even though he's sinkie)

    When overseas you need excellent medical coverage for yourself & family, especially in high-cost countries like US & Japan, or 3rd world countries like China, Vietnam or Indonesia. But back in Singapore, you can self-absorb GP visits and A-class is more than enough.


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