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Sunday, 29 July 2018

I 67 still working. You 60 want to retire? (3)

Read? I 67 still working. You 60 want to retire? (2)

“My first encounter with depression was when I was 18 years old and my dad slipped into a very deep clinical depression. In those days, no one talked about it.”

Her father, Michael Fam, was a prominent figure in Singapore society having been chairman of the Housing and Development Board, then chairman of the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation.

At that stage, he had retired and the emptiness of having no vocation was too difficult for him to handle. 



Seriously before FIRE, FIRe, official or forced retirement; we should be thinking about it before it actually happened. 

Our job may  have become our identity and eco system of our life.

Without this identity and eco system of life; some may slip into meaningless life without this eco system to support them! 

Days are seen too long and nights are seen too young! Terrible!


  1. Hmmm...

    Slip into depression because no work? Unlikely, u can always find some work or volunteer job.

    But when u need to pander to bosses and industries needs, that's when the stress come in

    1. i think no human being can escape some form of depression in their lifetime.

      But if one can see or think through the absurb reason for one's depression, then one can comes out a better person.

      To think straight, one's faith in one's religion will steadfast U for life.

    2. It is not about any job or work. Can we redefine the meaning of job after decades of working in corporate world especially those holding higher corporate role and position.

  2. Former HDB & MRTC Chairman -- maybe depressed becoz cannot boss people around liao? At home got "bigger boss" and subordinates (kids) already grown up & independent.

    Seriously, many high-level projects & committees for senior ex-civil servants & prominent persons to take part in, if they want to .... E.g. Winston Choo (1st chief of defense), Gerard Ee (NKF saga & ministerial salary review) and Richard Magnus (former top judge in subordinate courts). Magnus now heading COI into Singhealth data hack.

    But from the wordings in the article, maybe a nudge from govt to tell people to continue working? It's like a follow-on from NTUC telling companies to raise their retirement age. :)

    I think govt knows that many people are not financially ready to stop work, and will be tough on govt budget & taxes if have to support too many money-no-enough old folks. :O

    1. We may not understand enough on job related eco system can make one feel so important and valuable and self worth. Who are you without job title? Ah pek? Auntie?

  3. i come to my own conclusion if U have the means(money) why bother with what the World think?

    U just live the way U like as long U don't harm yourself or others.

    When U really have the means, do U think u can do that?

    Or your thinking is already capture by the World?

  4. It boils down to how well balanced a person's mind & life is between his job/career and other aspects of life e.g. family, friends, hobbies, social networks.

    If it is so lopsided that a person's entire self-worth & self-identity is tied to his professional position, then it would be mentally very challenging to suddenly only have things that he may feel not so important e.g. family, friends, hobbies, non-work social networks.

    Most people's mentality can adjust, although maybe reluctantly & take time, but some just cannot.

    And is not necessarily a high-level job position. I have encountered people who were former cooks, carpenters, technicians etc who gone into depression becoz they were good at it, had been doing those jobs for 30-40 years & suddenly no longer able to continue.

    OTOH have talked to a couple of former hospital CEOs & retired specialists who are very happy not going in to work, or having to sit inside board rooms etc. But they'll still give you plenty of their "Young man, (no I'm NOT young) you should ...." or "Harr! During my time ahhh..." LOL!

    1. Hmm .. blessed are those who are thinking of FIRE or FIRe. :-)

  5. Blessed are those who are O. K. "lazing around" with lesser responsibilities and not feel less worthy.

    i think there it is an art to laze around and not feel guilty or something.

    But can spring into action to take responsibilities if needed.

    i think i have been doing something like that since at age 53.


    1. True!

      "lazing around" with lesser responsibilities and not feel less worthy. Especially for those active by nature! To be lazy and yet active! Not easy life skill to master.

  6. Dont be too hard on yourself. After decades of hard work, nothing wrong to laze around or spend time in hobbies or just relax. Must learn ti let go of previous identity regardless of status.


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