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Friday, 6 July 2018

STI slipped deeper into correction phase. Next stop Bear???

How are you feeling now with your investment portfolio?

One leg or both legs in our local stock market?

Uncle8888's investment portfolio is slipping into Correction soon. Currently; it has slipped 9% from the peak on Jan 2018


  1. Haha will be good if there's a serious geopolitics crash ... Coz such crashes usually relatively fast recoveries.

    But i think this time won't be as "shiok" as 2015. Just a hint of some backdoor negotiations and stocks will shoot up like Ah Kim's rockets. And S'poreans will quickly get over the property cold shower.

    Nasdaq barely affected ... I can't believe I'm ignoring my trend signal & have been taking some profits in QQQ the last few weeks ... Talk about being a scaredy cat haha!

    But my asian etf more affected ... Cut half last week liao. Remaining half about break even since mid-Apr when i went back in, but going further down no doubt Hoho!

    Spur šŸ˜ƒ

  2. It's good for active investors more than passive investors now to.....

    For me not yet leh.

    Still waiting for durians to fall.

    Kampong folks can tell U, Nature is very smart. Durians usually sstart to fall after evening time.


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