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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Anyone Still Winning Stocks Bought during 1987 and 1997 Market Crash???

“You make most of your money in a bear market, you just don't realize it at the time.” - American investor Shelby Cullom Davis.

Anyone who can write well can write anything on market theory on how to make money in Bull or Bear market. But on the ground do you know someone personally who are still holding on to their winning stocks bought during 1987 and 1998 market crash?

Holding on losing stocks to their grave. Plenty of retail investors!


  1. Of course, there are many.

    Most probably i am one of them.

    Nevetheless, i am doing O. K.

    Still looking at markets everyday since 1987/8.


  2. Pls remember looking only everyday.

    Even anywhere in the world because of Wifi.

    And not doing anything almost all the time.

    Especially at my age.

  3. But not holding to any winning stocks.

    Remember i say i am using cash as a perpetual option for the market.

    Winning stocks mostly, B&S a few times already.

    That's why i always think if i use CW's strategy, will my CAGR better?

    CW definitely think so.

    But i am not so sure.

    And i have used Micro Money to track all my stock investments, it means i can check based on CW's strategy.

    But i think it's just for the sake of knowledge to see which strategy practically gives a better CAGR. i think maybe take Keppel Corp alone is not correct comparison.

    Anyway, i don't have the knowledge or software to help me to do it.

    Just talking "male chicken" only?

    1. temperament,


      You har!

      So many comments already yet CW still don't know your writing style... (too drunk with his CARG to notice your poke)

      Someone who is "concerned" with his recent declining CARG is "male-chicken" sure your CARG will be better if you "followed" him?


      You are also 一代宗师.

      One interesting difference is that you never bragged about your winners or winnings. You only asked lots of "trust but verify" questions ;)

      ITE graduate, retired in your 50s, got investment properties, can watch the market NONCHALANTLY, and have raised of cash in this late cycle.

      Eh, you free to meet up for coffee?

      My treat as I go meet the mountain!

    2. Err… CARG?

      You mean CAGR.


    3. Thanks RayNg!

      Yup, when I write comments at other people's blog, my poor england is exposed :(

      Wrong spelling, bad gammar, and what not starts to appear!

      At my own blog, I often had to do re-editing of my blog posts and comments for this reason. Less obvious unless readers subscribe to my new posts and comments.

      Then all the "editing" work is painfully obvious!



      Give chance.

  4. Got enough passive income or cash to last next 30 years, no need to look at markets everyday liao :)

    Can just look once a month also can! LOL!

    In fact looking everyday may be detrimental to health, Hohoho!

  5. No lah, i have been looking at "Mei Ren" every day since 1987/88.

    Chinese saying, " One day no look equal to 3 years.

  6. Do U believe i seldom correct what i blog here.

    What i think i write.

    No cock & bull story.

    Thank U so much for seeing "up"

    If U meet me personally i think i will disappoint U.

    So it's better to keep my "halo image" with U

    1. temperament,

      No worries. You the shy violet type.

      I the reversed. Ugly like shit but go round telling everyone I handsome.

      I think my skin thicker than elephant!


  7. I though snake skin is more elastic type not the thicker type???

    1. sy sy,

      Elastic but not thick enough will blow-up...

      You have seen ballons burst right?

      When was the last time you saw tyres burst?

      Skin must thick like tyres then can take on elephants like lorries, busses, etc.


  8. Hi smol

    Yahor... u are right... Balloon easily can burst...hehehe
    Tyre is thick, so far I havent experience/ see it burst lah. But I thought is the tubing inside the tyre burst right??? :p

  9. Wrong!

    i had made in Japan tyre burst myself and also came to know a colleague had tyre burst driving a company's van.

    Now a days tyre is so called tubeless one.

    Me and my colleague bursted tubeless tyres.

    1. temperament,


      You and your colleague can buy Toto.

      Tubeless tyres still can "burst"!?

      You both "lucky" or what?

      And survived to tell the tale too!

  10. For me was at NUH arterial roads when the roads were dug up for what i did know.
    My driving was not fast at all but my tyre just hit a sharp edge of a dug out very shallow drain.

    As for my colleague, the tyre hit the edge of a curb.

  11. At that time, i was shocked too as i was drving quite slow.

    i just told myself never to use that brand of tyre again.

  12. It was in 198x.

    Maybe the quality of tyres were not as good compare to present.

  13. temperament,

    Typical Singaporean response...

    One hit a curb; the other hit some sharp edge.

    Must be the tyre's fault!


  14. ha ha. Quality of tyres and never the driver


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