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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

What Is The Issue Behind Your 99 Leasehold Residential Home??? (2)

Read? What Is The Issue Behind Your 99 Leasehold Residential Home???

Uncle8888 bought his 4 room HDB  at $55K in 1987 in those days ulu area formerly known as Punggol Rd (Kang Kar); but later his home address was re-named as Hougang Ave 10 and doesn't sound ulu!

1. Taking Yishun 4 room at $196K. CAGR over 30 years of HDB housing cost is about 4.1%

2. Taking Sengkang 4 room at $219K. CAGR over 30 years of HDB housing cost is about 4.5%

What is the issue with BTO housing cost?

Buying resale is different story. You have to give investment profit in order to take over other people's asset. That is the rule of any investment!

1 comment:

  1. Buying resale is still profitable if U downgraded from 5 room to lesser room HDB even after 2 bites of the cherries.

    Besides, i bought only after MOP (Just after 5 years lease) just in case my only son needs to stay in this house after we are gone.

    Of course i had to pay a bit more but i still made some money. i think 120-150 K.

    Making money is not the real reason or main reason.

    Making provision for my son and for ourselves are.

    Remember i said earlier, i downgraded from a Maisonnette is one of the main reason because almost all of us will have weakened knees if we live to 60, 70 or much older.

    No weakened knees in your old age?

    Yes my brother-in-law's father who lived to 100 years without needing a wheel chair.

    Don't believe?


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