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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Minimum You Have To Go Through One Full Market Cycle: Bull-Bear-Bull or Bear-Bull-Bear. If Not Don't Talk Too Loud! (2)

Read? Minimum You Have To Go Through One Full Market Cycle: Bull-Bear-Bull or Bear-Bull-Bear. If Not Don't Talk Too Loud!

Real People. Real ROC

She started investing around 2005 with about $250K and now thinking of selling off her remaining stocks and don't bother with the stock market anymore.

After 13 years; her ROC to date is about 8.5% i.e. 0.65% p.a. It is worse than saving rate!

She also attended the course conducted by late "Guru" who wanted to make 10,000 course attendees millionaires. Too bad; she didn't belong to 10,000 millionaires material after completing the course.


  1. No bad lah. At lease she does not lose money. Couple with dividend, her returns should be higher.

  2. Ya, don't lose money is good already.

    Still got chance to learn how to make money.

    Keep on reading and trying to adapt to your temperament.

    There are so many successful investor bloggers here.

    Surely can copy cat but apply in your own style or temperament.

    i also copy cat from reading one but in my own temperament.

    i think understanding one's temperament is very important in almost anything U do in your life.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Then suspect temperament.

    Not everyone has the temperament to invest in the market, i think

  5. Below is chart of MSCI Singapore blue chips from 2005 to mid-2018 with dividends re-invested. Total return is 138% in SGD terms.

    Unfortunately I think very very few people can just sit tight ... some more re-invest the dividends. Unless you don't care about the money or the money not yours! LOL!

    Maybe most people better off to only put 50% into stocks, and the rest in cash & S'pore govt bonds... Hohoho!

    1. Retail investors are not good at holding winners and too slow to cut off losers and by the time the losers become too little and insignificant to recover leftover. So they couldn't be bother with these insignificant losers anymore. At investment portfolio performance level it is hard to recover without significant capital injection. Since they have been losing so much money; they don't have confidence to inject more capital. That is why after decades they still losing.

      Personal investing is not that easy to teach. Knowing FA and TA is not personal investing yet! Losing so much and yet still have the confidence to inject more capital and that size of capital injection is large part of their net worth. That is personal investing and confidence! Can be taught over weekend courses and participation in forum and chat groups?

  6. What U are saying is one word to me - One's TEMPERAMENT.

  7. i had done what U said until my portfolio had shown 50% loss then i surrender in 2008/9 fiasco.

    Yet i still a balance 40 to 50 % capital & assets.

  8. On hindsight if i had even dared to dump in 10% more of my capital, i would had made more money not less O.K.

    That to me is one's Temperament.

    What if i dared to dump all the balance 50% capital all in - that was what i did in 1987/8 because i was a newly minted "Bei Kaming" then.

    But a DIY Bei Kaming if there was everone.

    i would say even now.

    Time indeed that change our thinking or psyche.

  9. Of course without the number one "Conman State" of the World inventing QE and Zero FD rate, even our late LKY think the Financial Fiat System would have collapsed IIRC.

  10. Temperament,

    Haha ... yeah, I was in similar straits ... staring at almost half million drawdown. What to do? Just continue hold lah Hohoho!

    Actually now that I've adopted some aspect of trend following, over the last 5 years ... my wife's buy-hold-rebalance portfolio is doing better than mine!

    It'll take a serious bear market for trend following to do better than buy and hold :)

    1. And U definitely know why your wife's portfolio is doing better than yours now, i suppose.

      Mine would maybe 2 times better if i still balance & hold.


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