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Sunday, 24 September 2017

What has been your best investment?

Uncle8888 was flipping the pages of SundayTimes at NLB when he came to read on ME & MY MONEY.

Vicom was one "Guru" stock pick.

BreadTalk was the other late "Guru" stock pick.

He was very curious to know what was or is that multi-bagger stock pick by this value investing "Guru".

But, he was shocked, arh and walau at the answer!

When he recovered from the initial shock; he thinks deeper why like that!

Yeap! "Guru" was right! He is actually running a training school business making much more money than investment return from personal financial investment from stocks picking.

Now "Guru" answer made real sense to Uncle8888. Truly honest answer!

Fully agreed! "Guru" best investment is Msc (e-business). 

Bei kamping. Bei kamping!


  1. Quote: "BreadTalk was the other late "Guru" stock pick".

    His pick make sense leh.... base on cashflow CAGR.

    This stock is 5 bagger since 2009.

  2. Best investment means where a trader got everything he wanted in the market, Getting desire return from market is not so easy for this, an investor has to do lots of hard work and use his intelligence to deal with the market volatility.
    stock tips

  3. Stock market is the place of buyers and sellers of shares of company. To make sucessful in this field is too difficult but if we invest in right way its becomes possible. Capital vraddhi is the best financial and stock market advisory firm in India. Their investing tips, advise and schemes are very helpful.


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